Possessed (Edited Edition)

Christopher Clarence. There's something really strange about that boy. He's wide eyed and pale faced. Every time he grins, death strikes again. Surely a small boy cannot commit such a crime? But who's behind this massacre?

Copyright (C)


2. Three Months Later

Here I am, sitting on this musty, old, green sofa. My beautiful, gorgeous mum, Gemma, newly married to sad, old William Clarence. Honestly, I don’t know what my mum sees in him. He's old, fat and spends all day drunk on the sofa, and oh, don’t remind me of the stench of cigarettes!

Since mum got married, I have a new step brother called Christopher Clarence. Strange boy. He's short, black haired and wide, green eyed. His skin is stretched over his bones, and it’s ever so pale. He doesn't say or do much, unlike a normal seven year old boy would. It's like he's emotionless, with no feeling left in him, what so ever. My mum says it's the shock of his mum's death. I still think there's something different about him. So different, it's like he's not real.

My tired mum went upstairs to take a shower, from her long day at work. Her usual routine: get clothes, get towel and then fill the bath, with water. But instead of hearing hot bath water running, there came a loud screech! My heart raced and pounded against my chest, hard as I automatically jumped up, along with my step dad, William.

My heart started pounding faster and faster, wondering what could have happened. This has never happened before, and my mum was a tough woman. It’s not like her to scream out loud. We both raced upstairs. My mum stood there, shaking, scared, and petrified. Her eyes didn't blink once. She slowly, pointed towards the huge white, bath tub. My eyes carefully followed along to where her stare had frozen. There it was...

My most admired puppy, Jasper, drowned in a pool of blood. Splats of different shades of red were everywhere: on walls, floor, sink and even the shower curtains. The place looked like a crime scene. Tears came out like waterfalls, which ran down my face. My poor puppy, assassinated. He was so young and adorable. All that was left of him now was his beautiful white wet fur coat and bones covered in bloody water. I searched for any evidence of how she was killed, but no weapon was to be found.

Hung-over, William took my poor mum downstairs. She was trembling with fright and held her husband for dear support. He couldn't support himself, let alone my mum. That left me standing alone in the doorway of the bathroom. I couldn't help but wonder how my puppy got killed. It was just this morning I was petting his adorable white fur and tickling his soft tummy. It just seemed like yesterday when I got that lovable creature. I couldn't face the scene before me. It only brought so much tears and emotion within me. I turned on my heel; that’s when I saw him.

Christopher Clarence. His eyes wide and I a deep shade of green, his face was the palest ever and you could even see the bone structure under it. Each time I looked at this boy’s face, I couldn't help but cringe. There was just something about him that was off.

Christopher stared back at me with a severe look. I took a deep breath and tried to go past him but he wouldn't budge. He was completely blocking my way. Seriously, my puppy just died, and not so much as a little frown appears on his face. Any normal human being would feel some kind of sympathy for what my mother and I had just witnessed. This angered me. How could he be so emotionless? I brushed passed him and went downstairs. Looking back up, and there he was again, staring at me. Strange boy.

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