Possessed (Edited Edition)

Christopher Clarence. There's something really strange about that boy. He's wide eyed and pale faced. Every time he grins, death strikes again. Surely a small boy cannot commit such a crime? But who's behind this massacre?

Copyright (C)


6. Epilogue

*Two Days Later*

The echo of a knife dropping and the deafening sound of police cars, rounded up. An ambulance, took away the dead body of William Clarence, as social services took away Christopher. He was shaking. Beads of sweat were formed on his forehead. The boy looked poor, terrified and red.

"Poor child." said a woman. She had her hand on Christopher’s shoulder, trying to comfort him.

"We'll have to take him to a care home and find him a new family." said another.

Christopher was wide eyed and pale faced, but this time he grinned and evil grin and said...

"Yes, mummy, I will."

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