Possessed (Edited Edition)

Christopher Clarence. There's something really strange about that boy. He's wide eyed and pale faced. Every time he grins, death strikes again. Surely a small boy cannot commit such a crime? But who's behind this massacre?

Copyright (C)


5. Death


My eyes snapped open to a screech. I would know that sound anywhere; it was my mum. What could have happened now? I shot up from my bed and ran to where the sound came from. The bathroom. I burst through the door. My eyes landed on my mum taking a bath, but they soon fell to that boy. Christopher. My eyes froze what he held in his hand. An electric hairdryer.

"Now, Christopher darling. Put that down, love!"  My mum pleaded.

"Yes, mummy!" "I will." answered Christopher. He slowly walked toward my mum holding the hairdryer, before him.

"Christopher, put that down!" screamed mum. I wanted to help her, to stop him, but something stopped me first. A force of evil held me back. It didn't let me move. It was like my feet had sprouted roots. All I knew was that I had to save her; I had to save my mum!

Then Christopher stopped. Oh thank God. He slowly turned his head around, and smiled at me. My eyes widened. I knew what he was going to do. In a matter of a second, he dropped the electrical hairdryer in the water.

One silent shriek left my mum's mouth, and her heart stopped beating. She was gone. My mum was gone, and there was nothing I could do about it! The worst part is that I saw who killed her. I saw him kill her. I saw Christopher do it. I knew there was something about him. But why? Why would he kill my mother? Surely a seven year old boy cannot commit such a crime. But oh, how wrong I was.

Christopher started to walk towards me. Suddenly the roots in my feet faded and I ran for my dear life. I sprinted downstairs and headed straight for the kitchen. Why I went there, I don’t know. I thought William would be there. How wrong I was.

Christopher was right behind me; hot on my tail. How a small boy like that could run so fast, I didn’t know. But it was one thing that made my heart race, the words that I heard next. Those very words that answered most of my questions. I heard her.

"Oh Christopher, my darling. Kill her, go on. KILL HER!" a harsh female’s voice echoed throughout the house. That was it. That was the very voice Christopher was talking to. I took a quick glance as him, over my shoulder. His once green eyes were now as dark as midnight and no white space to be seen. No!

"Yes, mummy I will" Christopher smiled and obeyed. I presumed that the female voice was he mother. Yet again more questions wondered through my mind. Why would his mother want to kill everyone? What did she have against us? And most of all why was she using Christopher to do it? I guess I would never know, from what came next.

Christopher picked up a knife, and slowly walked towards me. I stopped once my back was against the edge of the counter. Where was he, where was William? Did Christopher kill him too? I shook my mind clear. I was about to feel how it would be like to die! Just like my puppy and mum did. My heart pounded. The doors slammed, open and shut, again and again. Thunder grew louder and louder and the sky grew darker and darker. Blue lighting flashed everywhere.

"Help, help! Anyone HELP!" I shrieked with all my might, but it was too late. An evil laugh echoed throughout the house, and I knew it was coming. I closed my eyes and took a final breath. One long screech was the last sound that left my mouth. I was killed, gone, never to be seen or heard again...

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