night of fright

It was all so sudden it all started on Halloween night when I was crossing the graveyad to get to a party when I heard a blood currdiling squeel but I turned around and nothing.when bang I was knocked out. When I woke up it was cold damp and dark and quiet. All of a sudden I heard the she creek of a rusty door
Opening when it opened there was a person so ugly so eye burning that made me want to hurl came in and in a high piched voice are you hungery and I replied with NO and then bang I was back in darkness when I open my so sore eyes every thing was blurry so fazzed where was I was I home or was I dead when the door opened the was a shadwy figure n the door way but with a fimmalire face who or what was was my mum it turns out I was in my loftbut when I went down the stairs I walked down the last step and I was outside so who's loft was I in or where??........l I was back in the graveyard again and it was cold and wet and I was still in my Halloween costume......

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