grusome halloween

ghosts, vampires, witches, zombies, pumpkins and skeletons gang up to perform an evil mob to rip peoples eyes out of there sockets and stick it up there noses.


3. The Dissapearence

one spooky Halloween night there was 4 children Jodie, Katie, Chloe and Sasha dressed up and was going trick or treating but suddenly they found themselves lost all they could see was trees and a never ending path.

What were they going to do? 

There was just one thing they could do and that was walk along the never ending road and see if it leads to home. they walked for hours and all they saw was a house made out of grass the lonely kids knocked on the door very politely and an old lady answered the door. what can i do for u my dears the lonely children begged for some food and drinks.

The old lady politely said only if u fill this basket with flowers by the well but the polite lady was not all she seems she knew that the witches, vampires, zombies, pumpkins, skeletons and ghosts were waiting by the old wooden well the children set off for the flowers on the way they saw a bony skeleton glaring into there eyes.when the children walked past the skeleton the skeleton warned the others to be ready.





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