Just in time


1. The scream

Just in time!!

"AAAGGGHHH" I screamed as I saw the abandoned, red body of my loved one lying over the floor in a dark red liquid. I knew as soon as i saw the red tipped knife on the floor beside him that it had been a murder but then again who would have wanted to commit such a horrible crime. As i  stood there helplessly thinking about how horrible the person who did this was and how they'd have to pay, i heard yet another scream that had come from upstairs. As i was in so much shock, understandably i didn't really do anything until i heard the faintest, but clearest sound of footsteps moving briskly along the old, creaky floorboards, the creaking coming from the direction where the scream came from upstairs. I screamed for help, no-one came, the footsteps got closer and louder, i screamed again, still no-one came. I began to see the hazy however noticable outline of the murderer getting closer and closer and closer......

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