The Dream

I went to audition for the X-Factor. It wasn't my idea at all. Blame my friend Aimee.

Alice and her friend Aimee audition for the X-Factor and end up going to the next round.


1. The Auditions

"It will be fun!" Aimee pleaded. She was trying her best to persuade me to audition for the X-Factor with her. 

"We are only gonna audition separately." I told her. 

The same conversation went on for weeks and I finally gave in. 

"You can sing!" Aimee told me. 

"I can't!" I replied going bright red. 

Before I knew it, me and Aimee were waiting to be called up. We agreed that I would go first. I knew what song I was going to sing. Easy, I had to sing Back to December by Taylor Swift. Not only is it my favourite song, but I relate to it. When I got called up I was passed a microphone and I walked onto the stage. 

"So, what is your name?" Simon asked me. 

"Alice Jones." I replied. 

"And how old are you?" Tulisa asked. 


"Where do you live?" Kelly asked me. Oh my god, it's just like twenty questions. 

"Tonbridge." I told them. They asked what I was going to sing and I told them. The music started and I sang. It was the most embarrassing thing ever. I was so nervous. I managed to hit all the right notes (thank god I practiced this morning).The time came for judges to vote and they each gave me a 'yes'. I blushed and walked off stage. It was Aimee's turn now. Aimee was amazing, ten times better than me. I know she will get through. 

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