The little alive but dead girl.

There once lived a little girl with gorgeous golden hair and beautiful blue eyes but a curse was put upon her and what was gorgeous was now hideous. She became wicked and cruel and she drove everyone mad, so mad that the people in the village purposely killed her but named it an accident. One day she arose from the dead and came back to life. Her name was Lolita but everyone referred her to 'Little Dead Girl'. Of course this is just a story but what was a story is about to come true..


1. The Legend

Legend has it that there once lived a lovely little girl named Lolita. She had gorgeous golden hair and beautiful blue eyes. She lived a happy life, tonnes of friends, loved by everyone and had a great sense of humor. She was once walking sweetly down the road to meet her friend. She suddenly saw a strangle old woman at he end of the street. This scared little Lolita, she was a bit worried to walk past her so she crossed the road and carried on walking. The old lady saw that Lolita was afraid and wanted to teach Lolita that looks doesn't mean anything and not to judge a book by a cover so she cursed Lolita and turned her into this hideous monster. What was gorgeous golden hair was now a deep red and her eyes were a piercing black. She gathered a cruel and wicked nature, her personality shot to be horrible and nasty. She drove everyone in this little village mad, so mad that the villagers had to do something about her. As there was no cure, they ran her over to kill her. They made up that it was accident but it was no accident. Lolita layed silently in her grave until the anniversary of her death came round again. Every one referred to Lolita as 'The little dead girl'. Suddenly her arm shot out of the grave and she stumbled out onto the pavement. The little dead girl was awake. She was once again alive driving everyone crazy once again. Of course this is just a story, but it is a well known story and 'The little dead girl' icon is every where and is commonly used. However, what was a story was about to come true.

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