The little alive but dead girl.

There once lived a little girl with gorgeous golden hair and beautiful blue eyes but a curse was put upon her and what was gorgeous was now hideous. She became wicked and cruel and she drove everyone mad, so mad that the people in the village purposely killed her but named it an accident. One day she arose from the dead and came back to life. Her name was Lolita but everyone referred her to 'Little Dead Girl'. Of course this is just a story but what was a story is about to come true..


6. Sweet Revenge

Immediately they came up with a plan, they found it so easy with the power they had. They now had 100 days left together before the had to go back. There plan was to kill every man, every woman & every child in the village. One by one they were to kill them, possibly in one big attack, exploding every restaurant, every house in the town. 

James and Lolita were pulling together their final plan and who's going to go where and when. They finally had it all sorted. One by one they planted tiny little explosives that death had given them in each drain pipe, they would send them up through the pipes into peoples houses. The hid more explosives in garden gnomes and hid horrible plagues in peoples pillows. 

The plan was complete. All they had to do now was press the button. The button that would kill everyone with out a doubt. 

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