The little alive but dead girl.

There once lived a little girl with gorgeous golden hair and beautiful blue eyes but a curse was put upon her and what was gorgeous was now hideous. She became wicked and cruel and she drove everyone mad, so mad that the people in the village purposely killed her but named it an accident. One day she arose from the dead and came back to life. Her name was Lolita but everyone referred her to 'Little Dead Girl'. Of course this is just a story but what was a story is about to come true..


2. Patrick

Patrick was an 11 year olf boy. He was a caring & sensitive lad who lived in the same village as little Lolita. Every Saturday him and his Dad go to the cinema to watch an exciting new film. This week he was going to see 'Battle Man' It was about  a thrilling, extreme battle from the future. It includes robots and everything which is Patrick's favourite. He loved every genre, from romance to sci-fi, from comedy to western. Patrick had heard of the story of little Lolita and of course loved that story, he was even starting to create a mini film about it with his friends! He imagined little Lolita as a girl that was in his class, if he heard the name Lolita it would remind him of Emma who he has a crush on & is in his class. Saturday morning came round quickly and he was so excited. He couldn't wait to get out of the house to go to the cinema, he hurried his dad to get there as quickly arrive at the cinema. Finally they reached the cinema at 13:24pm unware of what was about to happen.

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