The little alive but dead girl.

There once lived a little girl with gorgeous golden hair and beautiful blue eyes but a curse was put upon her and what was gorgeous was now hideous. She became wicked and cruel and she drove everyone mad, so mad that the people in the village purposely killed her but named it an accident. One day she arose from the dead and came back to life. Her name was Lolita but everyone referred her to 'Little Dead Girl'. Of course this is just a story but what was a story is about to come true..


5. Death

Lolita didn't know that once she had been seen, she would once again be put back to the grave she was re-born in. Unfortunately, Patrick had seen her.

The little dead girl felt her shrinking, she felt weaker by the hour. She suddenly had the knowledge that she was going back to death. Death has it's tricks you see, anyone requiring revenge is allowed back to life however, there is one catch. Once you have been seen, you have 24 hours left before going back to the grave you were re-born in. For every other sighting, your second life becomes an hour shorter. 

Lolita had to think of something quick to get revenge. All she needed was a plan. A plan that is so explicable it will run perfectly when put in order. Time was running out, a watch appeared on her wrist from Death. 

The following day, Lolita had a plan, she only had 8 hours left. Just as she read how long she had left she was seen by a family of 4. 4 hours left. What was she to do? There was no way she could complete her plan in just 4 hours! She was thinking of another plan when suddenly, another dead but alive boy appeared out of nowhere. He was strolling down the street just like Lolita first was. Lolita approached him, she warned him of what would happen if he was seen. 

His name was James. He had been bullied and committed suicide. He came back for revenge on the bullies and the whole town for letting them bully him. James explained to Lolita how if two deadies (that's another name for dead but alive people) were to touch, they will become incredibly powerful. 

They slow lifted there hands and placed them against eachother. An explosion of electricity burst and James and Lolita felt strong.  


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