The little alive but dead girl.

There once lived a little girl with gorgeous golden hair and beautiful blue eyes but a curse was put upon her and what was gorgeous was now hideous. She became wicked and cruel and she drove everyone mad, so mad that the people in the village purposely killed her but named it an accident. One day she arose from the dead and came back to life. Her name was Lolita but everyone referred her to 'Little Dead Girl'. Of course this is just a story but what was a story is about to come true..


7. Beneath the Rabble

BANG! The button sprung back up. The explosions were very small yet caused so much damage, there was rabble everywhere. There was no sound. Dead silence. James and Lolita grinned with revenge, of course they were not effected by the explosions & plagues as technically they were already dead. Bodies lay limp everywhere. Blood, shattered glass and random body parts were smeared all over the village.  Gradually filling with smoke, the sky was grim, grimmer than the grim reaper, now that's pretty grim! James took Lolita's hand with love and they turned their backs on the scene and walked back to their graves in peace. 

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