Be careful what you wish for

Poppy hates her life. Her parents always argue, she has no friends and terrible grades. But then one night, Poppy gets the chance to make a wish- a wish to change her life. But is this wish what she really wants?


1. The never-ending yells

I wrap my fingers around the cool metal of the pen as I gaze at the papers in front of me. Come on Poppy. It’s just a test, just a simple maths test... oh dear God, save me! I continue to stare at the sheets on my desk. All the numbers begin to blur together, as if a tornado has come and swept them together. I give a glance towards the clock and nearly scream. Ten minutes, there are ten minutes left! Calm down, you can do a lot in ten minutes. Like you can do some sit-ups or doodle or- oh no, nine minutes! Right, read just read- and write the answers, obviously. I quickly scribble down some numbers, past caring whether they are correct or not.

"Right everyone, times up. If I could have your answer sheets please, then pile your question papers on your desk." Mr Carlton calls. Oh, God! I continue to scribble as he walks around the class. "Poppy. Your answers please." He says sternly. I grudgingly hand him my papers and watch as he walks away. Wait, was the answer to question 3, 46 not 62? What if it was, how many marks would I lose- no, it’s done. I can't panic over it. "There are still a few minutes to the bell, you may chat quietly." Mr Carlton says.

I just sit still, staring at the desk. I have no friends in this class, there's only one person I like to spend time with in this whole school. I sigh as I hear everyone else chatting quietly. Hushed whispers are spreading around the class. See, this is what you get Poppy. This is what you get for being different, for wanting to be individual. You have no friends now, the voice in my head taunts. No, I argue back, this is what I get for not being smart enough to be in Luke's classes! Eventually the bell goes and I practically run out of the class. I want to be one of the first in the lunch queue- like everyone else- but I also have to get out of here and see Luke. Just to prove I have at least one friend. And no, before you think it, Luke is not my boyfriend. He is a friend, just a friend. Anyway, Luke's not exactly the coolest person I've met. Well, he is a bit popular, probably because girls think he's cute. Other girls notice him and flirt with him, but he never dates them, so they start to ignore him. So I couldn't go out with him anyway. I mean, its not that I'm one of those people- someone who would chose popularity and looks over personality- but still it would be good to be noticed...

I run into the lunch queue and grab a sandwich as I look out for Luke. I eventually spot him, lounging against a radiator at the back of the canteen. I quickly pay for my lunch and speed over to him. "Hey." I call.

"Oh, hi." He looks up and I can see his dark brown eyes, sparkling in the light. "Had fun?"

"No," I pout, "We had a test and I am stuck in a class of weirdos." I know to them I am probably the weird one, but still... .Luke just laughs and gazes out the window, staring into the bright sun.

"So, what do you want to do now?"

"Uhm... we could go for a walk outside?" I say.

"That sounds great." He flicks his golden brown hair out of his eyes and smiles at me.


I run home as the heavens burst above me. Rain is pouring over my head and down my back, sticking my fringe to my face. I flip it back, trying to see through the rain, and continue to run. I eventually reach my front door. I burst in and see my rain coat on its hook. "Good lot of help you were today." I mumble. I'm pulling off my soaked shoes, my numb fingers fumbling with the lacers, when I hear a yell. I sit still for a moment and hear more screams and yells. I follow the sound and peer round the edge of the living room door. I can see mum towering over dad, who is currently sitting, and yelling in his face. I don't watch for long enough to see dad get up to shout back, but I hear him as I run to my room. I slam my door shut and stuff my dressing gown into the gap under my door. I collapse onto my bed and bury my head under my blankets, trying to block out the sound. This is always happening; mum and dad arguing. Whenever I come home, they are normally arguing and will only remember about me until way after dinner time. I often get my own dinner, though, so it doesn't really matter. Anger starts to swell inside me as I think of all the times they've yelled and argued. Why do they never think of me? Why can't they remember I exist, even when they're arguing? I shove on my headphones and put on some calming music, to try sooth myself. I close my eyes and slowly fall asleep to the sound of the music, letting my thoughts of anger float away for now.

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