Everyone Has A Soft Side.

Blade had always had a rough past: his mother leaving him with his abusive drunk of a father; his brother being killed in a car crash. It all had an affect on him. He had quickly become Him. The most gorgeous senior, the bad boy, the player, the guy every girl feel for. Except one. New girl Skye Spears is not impressed. Will Skye fall for Blade like every other girl or will she bring out his soft side?


1. Prologue

The car was going at thirty-five miles an hour; everyone had their seat belts on; everyone was laughing after a great day out. Everything was great. Everything always was. Until the other car came. Swerving in and out of the cars, racing towards the highway at atleast fifty miles and hour. The driver thought he had control. He didn't the mad green car slamed with suh a force into the little red one that everyone was jolted forward. Two small boys wacked their head of the back of the front seats, the father tensed his arms on the wheel, hoping to stop the jolt, breaking his left arm in the process and the mother, she was flung forward, catching herself quickly.

She turned to look at her sons. Both had blood pourin from they head, one had a bloody lip. The eldestwas holding his hands tightly to his head, blood staining the palms of his hands, the yongest was still leaning forward, not a single movement was coming from him, not a single sound could be heard. There was no crying, no cry of pain. Nothing.

*   *    *    *    *

The funeral was held a few weeks after the heart renching event. A whole family dressed in black, the body of a small boy in a wooden box that was soon to be buried six feet under the ground with a head stone reading:

James Smith
29 May 1999 - 31 August 2008
"A Gorgeous Son and a Loved Brother"

Tears were shed, appologies were given and a heart-broken family sat in church watching the pictures of James Smith, from the day he was born, to the day he died. Hisfather, John wrapped his arm lovingly around his beautiful and broken wife, Sarah, his other hand placed on his eldest son's, Blade, shoulder. The past few weeks had gone from great to being the worst few weeks anyone can have. Blade knew, this was going to be the worst few months of his entire life.

*    *    *    *    *

Blade was in his room, yells from down stairs echoed around the house straight to his ears. It had been like this for a while. Whenever Blade went up to bed something would happen and ether John and Sarah would get annoyed and they would yell and scream at each other. It had been two months since the funeral and things were bad for the family.

Bang! Blade flinched. Then he heard someone crying. Crying in pain and hurt. Blade slowly and shakily walked towards his bedroom door and began to turn the handle but stopped when his mother yelled once again.

"How Dare You Lay A Hand On Me!?" her voice echoed loudly.

Blade strained his ears trying to hear his father's response who had now gone quiet.

"I Don't Care Anymore! I'm Done With You!"

That was the last Blade heard of their arguement. The last thing he heard was the opening of a door, a few mumbled words and then a slam. He ran to the window, in the dim light of the night, he could just make out the black siluette of his mother. The mother who turned her back on Blade, unknowningly leaving him to a future of accusation of his brother's death, the reason his mother left and of pure pain.

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