Everyone Has A Soft Side.

Blade had always had a rough past: his mother leaving him with his abusive drunk of a father; his brother being killed in a car crash. It all had an affect on him. He had quickly become Him. The most gorgeous senior, the bad boy, the player, the guy every girl feel for. Except one. New girl Skye Spears is not impressed. Will Skye fall for Blade like every other girl or will she bring out his soft side?


2. Chapter 1: The New Girl

Skye got out of her Dad's car. "Bye Daddy, I love you," she smiled at him.

"I love you too Pumpkin. Have a great day," he waved at her, and she waved back before turning her back to the black car and looking towards the large building. She sighed, a new school. An american school. She lifted her bag up higher over her shoulder, turned back to her Dad and gave a final wave before walking towards Monroe High. She walked shyly into the building and using a small map she had been given to find her way to the Priniple's office.

The school was very different from the one back in England. Lockers lined the corridors, pictures of school events and students working and laughing with friends. Walking round, she let her feet lead her, honestly, she had no idea where she had to go, all she knew was she had to go to the principle's office. It still made her smile. Principle. In England a Principle was called the head teacher, but she was going to have to get used to saying Principle.

She felt like she was walking for ages, everywhere seemed almost empty, that was until she turned the corner. A young girl with wavy brown hair was stuffing books into her locker, a look of desperation on her face. Skye walked over to her and lent against the locker. She waited for the girl to finish and notice her.

She closed the locker and jumped when she saw Skye. She look in the sight of the girl, blue eyes, wavy brown hair, young face. She smiled and appoligized for making her jump.

"No, no. It's fine," the girl looked hesitant and ready to run in the opposite direction.

"You alright?" Skye questioned, frowning as she tilted her head slightly to the side.

"Yeah," the girl said shakily.

"OK," smiled Skye, "My name's Skye. What's your's?"she said.

"Carrie," came the reply, Before Skye could answer she heard a cough from behind her and then someone laugh slightly.

Carrie, turned and walked away, leaving Skye to turn to the source of the noise. Her eyes widened. In front of her was a gorgeous boy. Wavy dark hair fell round his face, stranding sticking up here and there creating a mess of hair that Skye had to admit looked rather hot. His blue eyes were almost hypnotizing. The bore down on her, catching her eyes in a lock and he smirked.

Skye blinked and looked down at her feet, before raising her head again.

"You're leaning on my locker," the boy said,

"Oh, sorry," Skye took a step back as the boy moved to his locker. Skye looked round, hoping to find a friendly looking female that she could go up to. Skye had always found it difficult talking to boys, even ones she had known her entire life.

The boy raised his eyes brows at her as she continued to stand there, watching him. "Need something?" he said, as he stood straight, showing his height off. Skye wasn't small but neither was she tall, but this boy towered over her. Wheither it was because she was new and found him slightly intimadating or because he really was that tall she wasn't sure.

"Y-yes," she stuttered, trying to bring the words to her mouth. "I'm looking for the Head teacher's office,"

"Head-Teacher?" the boy laughed, "What are talking about?"

Skye's cheeks reddened as she stood infront of the boy. She had forgotten already. "I-I mean the Principle,"

The boy looked down, the girl infront of him looked almost scared to be in his presence, he had to make it slightly worse for her. "I'll show you," he said, before turning to his mates. "I'll see you guys in class," Then he began walking off, Skye finding it hard to keep up with him.

"I take it you're British, and new," he said.

Skye nodded and sped up as the boy seemed to speed up his pace. She was sure if he continued to walk faster she would end up running after him just to make sure she didn't lose him.

"What's your name?" he asked, being the only one who would talk.

"S-Skye," She stuttered. She had hoped coming to a new school, she would get over her nervousness of being round boys and talking to them. It seemed she needed a little bit of time to work on it.

The boy stopped infront of a door. "I'm Blade, and this is the Principle's office. Don't get lost. I won't help again," he smirked at her, then winked and walked away, to what Skye presumed was his first class.







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