The Mansion

The old Potter Mansion had not had a visitor be it human nor animal since the early 1700s until 2012.A young boy Chandler Baker saw a light in the Mansion maybe it was a even a fire. He has to go discover the unusual flame and extinguish it before it smothers up the the Mystery of a lifetime


1. The New Beginning of the End

    It was a quite morning in the little town of Walkerston.It was 1o'clock in the Morning and everyone was fast asleep.There was a small cottage Berryview.It housed a family of five The Bakers a mother and father their two Boys Chandler and Joey and the Boys adopted Sister Phoebe.Chandlers room had the misfortune of facing the Old Riddle Mansion.A deserted building.That night something began to stir in the old motionless building but what it was is a mystery waiting to be discovered. 

Chandler woke up with a start he saw a light from the old Riddle Mansion Just up the hill from his house.Thirteen year old Chandler Baker did not understand what the light was but before he could think about it he was shoving a set of clothes on without waking his Parents up.He was mystified by the discovery of the light.He was scared but he knew he had to find out what it was before it was too late.The countdown to save the building was rapidly running out there was little time before the Mansion was no more.He grabbed a Torch and some food from the Kitchen and ran up the the to the gate of the Old Building.

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