The Mansion

The old Potter Mansion had not had a visitor be it human nor animal since the early 1700s until 2012.A young boy Chandler Baker saw a light in the Mansion maybe it was a even a fire. He has to go discover the unusual flame and extinguish it before it smothers up the the Mystery of a lifetime


4. The Girl in Rags

The mysterious light was indeed a Fire.Now it  had nearly engulfed the whole house.He found himself in a basement.It was a Dungeon, he was locked in a Cell.As he switched the torch on he saw the Prisoner in the Cage.He went over to them. It reminded him of someone, His Sister!!! He asked Phoebe what she was doing here.

"I come here every night,The voice tells me too come!! It has a sound of Sadness to it"She cried"I'm Sorry"

"It's OK, I understand"He said"Who is it?

"It's me Joey, I woke up and noticed you were gone Chandler. I looked out the window and the gate to the Death Trap was open.So I came here and saw the hole in the stairs and jamp down and here I am. Lets get out of here!!"They climbed up Chandler who was holding on to the sides,Then they pulled him up.At full speed they ran down to their house.

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