The Mansion

The old Potter Mansion had not had a visitor be it human nor animal since the early 1700s until 2012.A young boy Chandler Baker saw a light in the Mansion maybe it was a even a fire. He has to go discover the unusual flame and extinguish it before it smothers up the the Mystery of a lifetime


2. The Garden of Hell

The Gate a rotten entanglement of Weeds,Grass and a bit of wood now and the rest crumbled and weeds covered the gaps.He saw a Shiny Gold glint from the inside of the overgrowth.He grabbed it but instead of resisting it just snapped.That was not the worst of it though he may have unlocked it but he still had to wrench the gate open.He found a sharp wire nearby that he used to cut through the vegetation. Finally he managed to break through and enter the garden. The relief of entering gave him a huge renown boost. An overgrown ramble of Bushes, Trees, Brambles and Weeds with grass higher than his waist.The First sight was the worst but he had a plan and he was going to stick it no matter what, it may not have been the best but it was all he had so had to use it. He knew it would be quite a trek to the top but he was ready for what was to come his way.

He was already half way up when he noticed he had a deep gash on the back of his leg.He looked back and noticed a trail of blood leading up from what looked like a Thorn bush which must have started growing in a whole because he only saw it then.He ran up the rest of the way to the front steps.

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