The Mansion

The old Potter Mansion had not had a visitor be it human nor animal since the early 1700s until 2012.A young boy Chandler Baker saw a light in the Mansion maybe it was a even a fire. He has to go discover the unusual flame and extinguish it before it smothers up the the Mystery of a lifetime


5. The Ending to Remember

Just as they were about to get to the door they heard Screams from inside the house, Then two Gunshots.They ran in their Parents just as a Man in a Long Black Coat Jamp out the window. Their parents were Dead.

The next day a Children's Worker pulled her car up in the Drive.They were Orphans.Unfortunately for Phoebe this was her second time in an Orphanage, this was also the last time she would see her Brothers.She was going to Girls Orphan Home in the country.They were going to the City Orphanage.


But is this really their last time together? No one knows......Yet?

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