The Mansion

The old Potter Mansion had not had a visitor be it human nor animal since the early 1700s until 2012.A young boy Chandler Baker saw a light in the Mansion maybe it was a even a fire. He has to go discover the unusual flame and extinguish it before it smothers up the the Mystery of a lifetime


3. The Deadly Sound

He climbed up the eerie steps to the big Double Doors there was  no key hole so he assumed it was open.It creaked under the weight of the now deceased Oak doors.The entrance hall was very dark and he tripped up on the edge of a rug. He switched the torch on just as a bat flew straight past him. He swore he could hear a resonating from inside the building, maybe it was a Girl screaming but he did not know.He was scared but he had to find her.

Where should he go it seemed like a hopeless case? There were three Doors leading from the Entrance Hall.There was also a set of stairs which must have been used daily to reach the upper Building.He started to tread his way up but after he got partially up it collapsed under his feet falling down through The stairs. He was trapped under the stairs.The sides were closed off so that was one exit gone. He looked down and saw a piece of Stone sticking into his side a couple of inches long.He pulled it out but then his blood was spurting out at an immensely worrying rate. He shoved the stick in hoping to stop the bleeding.He felt extremely dizzy and knew the colour was slowly disappearing from his face.He walked round the Dark entrapment.Finding nothing at first but then his foot fell through a crack in the floor.     

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