Fate? A One Direction Fan Fiction

Lucy and Scarlett are two different girls from two different worlds.
Scarlett, otherwise known as Scar, is a wild child, cool, calm and collected, who hasn't thought much of One Direction before. She is stubborn and won't take no for an answer. But when she meets the famous One Direction, she shows a different side. is this just a smoke screen she is trying to hide behind?
On the other hand, Lucy is a shy, smart sholar girl from a single income family who loves One Direction. She helps her mother earn money and has a job on the side as well as school to earn money for college. Will she start to think for herself instead of exhausting herself for others?
Then one way or another the girls meet one direction, a world famous boy band. Things change. But is it for the better or for the worse?


13. The Fear


Lucy's POV


I was waiting in Starbucks, the letter in my hand, shaking. I had no idea what to say, and how to explain everything. Plus I think I scared him away with the heart I put at the end. The X he put was probably just him being nice. Trust me to go on one of those 'spur of the moment' type things and put a heart at the end. I suddenly saw him walk in with Liam and as he spotted me he smiled. I tried to smile back. But there was no energy in me, this whole thing about the letter had drained me out. As soon as he realised my failed attempt to smile, he looked really worried and rushed over.

'Lucy, whats wrong?' 

'Um, thanks for both coming. Sorry to bother you, I just had to talk to someone. Its kind of important, and I don't know what to - to do.' I broke down at the end, and started to cry. Of course. Only I would ever cry in the middle of Starbucks. Louis was at once by my side, giving me one of his bear hugs, rocking me back and forth, while I sobbed into his chest.

'Shh, it's okay, Luce, don't cry. Whats the matter?' From opposite us, Liam cleared his throat.

'Uh, sorry, but is it because of this letter here?' he enquired, pointing at the letter on the table.

'Yeah,' I muffled, 'I brought it because I didn't know whether I would be able to tell you or not. Go ahead and read it.' They both did so and I guess finished and the same time, because they looked up simultaniously. Liam had a confused look on his face, whilst Louis was just plain worried.

'But, whose going to look after you when your mum's gone?' he asked. 

'Wait, so you don't have anyone to look after you?' Liam asked afterwards. Oh, so thats why he was confused. Only Louis knows it's just my mum and I. 

'Yeah, It's just us. It's just that, when my dad left, my mum wasn't home. It was really traumatising. So she knows what it's like for me being left home alone. Especially for that long. I just need to know whether I should tell her I know, or not. And if I do, whether I should tell her that I'm not comfortable with it, or just suck it up and face my fears once and for all?' I babbled on to them, whilst they listened quietly.

'Well, I think you should tell her that you know, and return the letter. That seems only fair.' Louis said wisely. Wait, Louis? Wise? That doesn't sound right to me. Don't forget, I am a directioner here. 

'And as for the fear, I know a way to take care of that.' Liam said.

'What is it?' I asked, mystified. 

'Well, we're on break now, but we decided to stay together this time, in Zayn's country house. You could come with us if you like?' he said.





CLIFFHANGER! No not really lol. Okay, so I know what I said about updating more during the hold. I was wrong. BIG TIME. I had to do all this from writing it on my iPod touch's 'Notes', then copy and pasting it onto movellas, and even then it was difficult to write this authors note. By the was, for anyone who reads In Payne as well, sorry that it didn't have an authors note, it wouldn't let me write one. All because we just moves (again) and we don't have a computer with Word. I try writing on movellas straight, but it doesn't check your spellings and it doesn't replace i with a capital I. So sorry about the tiny chapter, and again for all the In Payne readers there will be a new chapter and cover for it by jan 10th. And new chapter for you guys a bit later, coz this is the part of the story where Scar and Lucy meet, and me and El really need to be together for that, so SORRY! OH god, I feel terrible. Okay, i'll stop writing my authors note now. But if you managed to read to the end, comment HAZELBUN at the end of your comment. Thanks!
See you next time! Till then, eat carrots.

Avery xxxx



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