Fate? A One Direction Fan Fiction

Lucy and Scarlett are two different girls from two different worlds.
Scarlett, otherwise known as Scar, is a wild child, cool, calm and collected, who hasn't thought much of One Direction before. She is stubborn and won't take no for an answer. But when she meets the famous One Direction, she shows a different side. is this just a smoke screen she is trying to hide behind?
On the other hand, Lucy is a shy, smart sholar girl from a single income family who loves One Direction. She helps her mother earn money and has a job on the side as well as school to earn money for college. Will she start to think for herself instead of exhausting herself for others?
Then one way or another the girls meet one direction, a world famous boy band. Things change. But is it for the better or for the worse?


14. Son Of An Irish Leprechaun


Scarlett's POV 

" eww! Who would through a tampon at somebody?!" I said in disgust. 

" well apparently that crazy chick thought it would be funny"      he laughed.

"uhhhhhhhhh!!!!" I cringed

Me both burst into laughter and we couldn't stop. Soon we were laughing just for the fun of it. When we finally stopped I looked around me. We were sitting on a bench in a Park. It was dark but i could still see everything clearly, Especially Harry's bright green eyes. I looked straight into them. He leaned closer to me until I could feel his breath on my face. I closed my eyes. 

EHHHHHHHHHH Sexy Lady! Gangnam style blasted out of destroying all peace and quiet. I flicked my eyes open and backed away quickly. Harry looked at me apologetically and got out his phone 

“One minute” He said as he got off the bench and walked a few feet away. I was left idly sitting on the bench looking down at the moist grass.

Harry’s POV

“Hello?” I said into the phone. 

“Harry, Mate... Do you know where Louis is?” An Irish voice asked for the other end of the phone.

“God Damn It Niall. Why couldn’t you call later?” I asked “I’m on a date” I whispered the last part quietly so that Scarlett couldn’t hear.

“Mate, where is Louis? He disappeared after that Pilate session with that girl and it’s like 8:30 so I’m afraid he has like kidnapped her.” He asked again

“Niall, Not the right time okay! I’m on a Date!” I whispered trying to be louder this time.

“Harry I need to find Louis!” He stressed

“I’m on a Bloody Date!” I yelled into the phone. Niall went silent, I turned to look at scarlett, she was smirking at me

“Sorry Haz, Ciao!” he chirped. That son of an Irish Leprechaun.

I put my phone on silent and turned to Scarlett, who was obviously holding in a laugh. 

“Hi …” I said awkwardly.

“Hi” She replied. 

I sat myself back on the bench and looked at her.  Her hair was messy but perfect. She had these perfectly shaped lips and her eyes where extraordinary.  

“I though you said this wasn’t a date. You said it was just to meet me properly.” She asked.

“If it wasn’t a date then why did you dress up so beautifully for it?” I questioned her back.

“Why did you?” 

Jeez, this girl was a quick thinker. I couldn’t think of anything witty to say so I just stayed quiet.

“Thanks for the popcorn” she said 

“What about the movie?” I asked

“We didn’t watch the movie harry, so that doesn’t count” she smiled adorably at me

“You’re welcome beautiful.” I said sincerely, she was beautiful. Every little thing about her was amazing.  Even her imperfections, they seemed to be perfect to me.

I leaned in closer to her for the second time tonight. Let’s hope Niall doesn’t interrupt me this time.

Scarlett’s POV

He leaned in. Even if this wasn’t a date it was perfect, even with the surprise call from Niall. I took one last breath and closed my eyes. His lips were soft on mine, his hand gently came round my cheeks and stroked them. It was the most amazing feeling, none of the fireworks they all talk about. No, not that, it was… much better. It was breath-taking. When we finally broke away, I felt weak, like I could collapse onto his lap, which I have to say wouldn’t have been a bad thing. He smiled which sent me into a fit of giggles. Soon we were both laughing and smiling at each other.

Harry’s POV

When we broke away she looked even more beautiful. I smiled and she did too sending us both into a laughing stock. She rested her head on my shoulder and I kissed her on the cheek. I’d never felt like this before and I never wanted her to go. We just sat there, occasionally kissing a few times, each time was more amazing then the last.


Hey! :D Like it?  Its Short compared to the last one cos that one was LOOOOOONNNG. Next chapter is the meeting of Scarlett and Lucy!! SO i hope you like it. Since Avery and I aren't together ( Holidays) we will skype JUST FOR U guys! 

LOve you guys! And please promote this book for us!:D

Lots of Love

El xoxo

Remember: sMiLe :D





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