Fate? A One Direction Fan Fiction

Lucy and Scarlett are two different girls from two different worlds.
Scarlett, otherwise known as Scar, is a wild child, cool, calm and collected, who hasn't thought much of One Direction before. She is stubborn and won't take no for an answer. But when she meets the famous One Direction, she shows a different side. is this just a smoke screen she is trying to hide behind?
On the other hand, Lucy is a shy, smart sholar girl from a single income family who loves One Direction. She helps her mother earn money and has a job on the side as well as school to earn money for college. Will she start to think for herself instead of exhausting herself for others?
Then one way or another the girls meet one direction, a world famous boy band. Things change. But is it for the better or for the worse?


4. Oh yeah ... Um Hi

"Wasn't the concert amaZayn?" Kayleigh ranted. It was the 10th time she had asked me this question and i was getting bored of answering her question.

" yes Kay it was amaZayn." i repeated

" I can't believe we are going to meet them.. OMG i am SO EXCITED!!!" Kayleigh squealed.

Please, PLEASE make her stop. For the past 2 hours i have been surrounded by stupid screaming girls and i just want them to shut up!

When we got to the door leading backstage we got checked by a tall, tough looking man, probably a body guard. After we got checked for bombs, knives, guns and crazy things like that, we were sent into a louge room.

The wallpaper was light blue and there was a huge TV with a wii and a PS3 connected to it. In the middle of the room there was a sofa which was covered in clothes and popcorn. The room smelt so strongly of calougne that I couldn't breath but according to Kayleigh it smelt of heaven.

" this is where the boys chill before going on stage!" She fangirled and lowly sat herself down on the sofa like it was some sort of rare relic or something. Oh god was this day ever going to end? I lent my back against the cold wall and closed my eyes. I blocked out all of Kayleighs stupid fangirl rants for about 1 minute. Well in my head anyway, i doubt kayleigh was going to stay quiet for a minute. Suddenly my daydream was  broken by a loud scream.

I dont want to hear another god damn fangirl in my life. Ever.

when i open my eyes  i saw five boys, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne.

Like usual  Kayleigh was chatting away like she had known them her whole life. I saw Zayn Laugh so obviously they had already connected.

I looked over at their direction. I caught a curly haired boy's eye. If i had been educated correctly by a obsessed directioner ( which i was) The boy that was watching me was called Harry Styles. He smiled at me and asked Kayleigh something. Kayleigh then turned to me and said

" Oh Guys .. This is my Best Friend Scarlett! I dragged her along"

The boys all introduced themselves and gave me a smile except for Harry, he was standing about 3 meters away from me staring.

" So ... Scarlett...How old are you?" Niall asked me in a adorable Irish accent.

"  I just turned 17 a few days ago." i replied feeling a bit self consious with Harry staring at me with his bright green eyes.

" cool.... Do you have any siblings?" Niall asked. Bless him. He was trying to make a converation.

" nope, Just me." I replied, I realized that i was seriously cutting off the conversation.

" What is it like beig famous? don't your parents miss you?" i asked, trying to keep the akward converation going this time. I wanted to know, I mean  i miss my 'Real Parents' like crazy.

" Urm .. I guess, my mum misses me like craxy but i called her when i can so she knows im okay."  was Niall's reply.

" what about you Harry?" i asked him trying to get him to stop staring at me.

" oh yeah.. Um Hi... My mum misses me too." he mumbled. His eyes locked into mine. They took my breathe away, They were an brilliant emerald green. I was jealous of his eyes, and his hair to be truthful. it was messy but always seemed to looke perfect.

" What about your parents? where are they?" Niall Asked me

Oh Shit.. I can't talk about my parents. Nobody can know about my life. Nobody. Not even Kayleigh.

Just then Kayleigh walked up to me, she had obviously heard our conversation .the other three boys where following her like puppies.

"I've been your best friend for 2 years and I still haven't met them!"

" oh yeah cos they've been away." I answered

That's when the questions started pourin in

" away for two years?" Kinda.

" do you miss them?" yes

Do they miss you?" I don't know

" away for two years???!!

Don't they worry?" my real parents.. I dunno and my parents.. Definatley not.

Everybody was crowding around me. I was drowning in all the questions. I did the only thing I could think of. I turned around and sprinted out of the room.


Hey Guys x Its El here :D

do you like this chapter? I think it was okay.. I mean it wasnt the best chapter ever. Im an SO sorry for taking super long to upload. i was ill in bed and i just couldn't be bothered to get up and type this.

So yeah

Luv Yah

El x

(oh and Avery cos she is here with me!!)


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