Fate? A One Direction Fan Fiction

Lucy and Scarlett are two different girls from two different worlds.
Scarlett, otherwise known as Scar, is a wild child, cool, calm and collected, who hasn't thought much of One Direction before. She is stubborn and won't take no for an answer. But when she meets the famous One Direction, she shows a different side. is this just a smoke screen she is trying to hide behind?
On the other hand, Lucy is a shy, smart sholar girl from a single income family who loves One Direction. She helps her mother earn money and has a job on the side as well as school to earn money for college. Will she start to think for herself instead of exhausting herself for others?
Then one way or another the girls meet one direction, a world famous boy band. Things change. But is it for the better or for the worse?


5. MUM, NO!!!!

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Lucy’s POV

‘Okay, I think we’re done for today.’ Mum said and the boys and I listened. ‘It went quite smoothly today, despite a few issues.’ She looked meaningfully at Niall. He blushed. Aw, cute.

‘Yeah, thanks so much. Here you go.’ Liam said as he handed over an envelope. ‘I think we’ll most definitely come again.’ He smiled.

‘Yeah, I’m cool with that. Today was fun. What do you think Louis? Do you want to come again?’ Harry said as he winked at me. I blushed to a deep shade of crimson. I’m not stupid. I know what he was implying. But it was impossible. I took a quick glance at Louis and saw that he was blushing as well, probably the same shade as me; it’s hard to tell because I can’t really see my own cheeks.

Louis’ POV

I took a quick glance at Lucy and saw that she was blushing as well, probably the same shade as me; it’s hard to tell because I can’t really see my own cheeks.

‘Harry…’ I whispered warningly. He just chuckled.

‘I think that’s a yes from Louis. What about you all?’

Murmurs of ‘Yeah’ ‘Cool’ and ‘Awesome’ were heard around the room.

‘Okay, we look forward to seeing you again!’ Rylan said. ‘Oh, hun, clear the mats for me, would you?’ This comment was obviously meant for Lucy.

‘Umm… sorry, I… can’t,’ she stammered.

‘Why not?’ Rylan asked.

‘I have to go shop – I mean I’m going shopping… with… with… Amy.’ She finished.  I looked at her sceptically. Rylan on the other hand, was oblivious.

‘Okay, so what are you planning on buying?’ she said. The question seemed normal enough, but Lucy reacted differently.

‘Oh, no Mum! I wasn’t going to buy anything of course, I was just going with Emil - Amy, telling what looks good, you know what we’re like,’ she babbled. I was extremely sure something wasn’t right now. On the one hand, she did look really cute when she was nervous… Louis! What are you doing?!

‘Oh no, hun, buy something.’ She said, handing her a twenty and a ten.

‘Mum, no… I can’t…’ Lucy said.

Hun, I insist,’ Rylan said determinedly, and pressed them into your hand.


No, hun, take them!’

‘MUM, NO!!!!’ she screamed and then covered her mouth with her hand as soon as she realised what she had done. He room fell silent.

‘Um, okay then. Have fun though!’ Rylan tried to be cheerful, but she was obviously hurt and confused. I, on the other hand, had gone from sceptical to extremely suspicious.

‘Mum, I…’ she started but Rylan cut her off.

‘Go, hun, or you’ll be late.’

Lucy looked at her watch and her eyes widened.

‘Oh shoot!’


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