Fate? A One Direction Fan Fiction

Lucy and Scarlett are two different girls from two different worlds.
Scarlett, otherwise known as Scar, is a wild child, cool, calm and collected, who hasn't thought much of One Direction before. She is stubborn and won't take no for an answer. But when she meets the famous One Direction, she shows a different side. is this just a smoke screen she is trying to hide behind?
On the other hand, Lucy is a shy, smart sholar girl from a single income family who loves One Direction. She helps her mother earn money and has a job on the side as well as school to earn money for college. Will she start to think for herself instead of exhausting herself for others?
Then one way or another the girls meet one direction, a world famous boy band. Things change. But is it for the better or for the worse?


6. Beautiful

I heard kayleigh call my name as i sprinted out of the room. I had no clue where i was going to go, so i was overjoyed when I found the girls bathroom. I ran into the bathroom and locked myself inside a cubicle. I pulled the lid down, sat there and cried.

Im not a big fan of crying. i think it is a pathetic thing to do but i just couldn't help myslelf. I was crying because i couldn't tell anybody anything about my parents, not even my best friend. My life is so different to what everybody thinks it is. I am supposed to be the wild child who doesn't give a shit about what her parents say... Well... Supposed to be.

Harry's POV

Scarlett looked so confused and scared with everyone asking things about her family, but i just couldn't help thinking she was hot. She had these huge turquoise eyes and the most beautiful hair i had ever seen. When she ran away a but of me seemed to break away. Pain shot throuhg my body. The next thing i knew i was running after her. I sprinted down the corridor as my mind went through all the places she could be. Bathroom.

I run to the girls bathroom, take a deep breathe and went it. The walls where pale pink and the mirrors where hugeThe room smelt of apples and cinnomen, which was way better than the boys bathrooms. I looked around, I don't know why but i started to get a little bit scared. It might have been the fact that there where no urinals or it was the smell. It just smelt to .. Nice.

I froze when i heard a slight sob coming from inside the last cubicle.

"Scarlett?" i asked. Man it would have been embarassing if it wasnt her.

Scarlett's POV

"Scarlett?" I hear him shout form the bathroom, His voice was deep, slow and recignizable. Harry Styles

I stopped my sobbing.

"please don't cry. please!" he begged. Cute. he was begging me. Silence. I din't want to show my face, it was going to be embarresing.

"Pleas, come out scarlett, im in the girls bathroom and im scared!" He wimpered

i giggled, oh yeah this was the girls bathroom, he must have really cared about me.Nobody has really cared about me.

I got up and flattened out my t-shirt and rubbed my eyes. I probably looked like a zombie panda but who cares, its not like im ever going to see him again right? Then i opened the cubie door and entered the bathroom.

Harry was sitting cross legged on the counter. between the two sinks. He was looking around with a terrifyed look on his face.When he saw me his face lit up. He smiled. I can see why all the girls like him so much. His smile was beautiful and he had these adorable dimples that really made my heart skip a beat. I gave him and akward smile in return.

Harry's POV

Oh My Flack, She looks like a zombie panda.. An incredibly beautiful and sexy zombie panda.

Scarlett's POV

we just stared at each other for a while. Harry finally broke the silence.

" are you okay?" He asked

Uh no .. I've just been crying.. Duh.

" I guess." i answered as i walked to the mirror and tried to fix my myslef up. I didn't really want to be remembered as the scary panda girl in the bathroom. That would not be good.

Halfway through me trying to rub off the access mascara that stained my cheeks Harry grabbed my hand and stopped me.I looked at him with my best WTF do you think you are doing face. he seemed to find it really funny.

"Don't, I think you look beautiul just the way you are." He said.

My heart stopped. Did he mean that? I looked at him. He looked at me. Nobody has ever called me beautiful before. I mean, I have had boyfriends and all that but they never called me beautiful, just hot and fit. I had only just met this boy and he already called me beautiful. Wow.

I lookedinto his wonderful green eyes. My heart thuddedin my chest. He leaned closer, closer , closer. Our lips met and electricity shot through my body.

Then I broke away. I stared deeply into his eyes. He frowned. I moved back, as i noticed there was only about a 1cm gap between us.

"I'm sorry.." i mumbled and ran out of the bathroom leaving the only boy that has ever called me beautiful sitting in the girls bathroom.

As Soon as i left the bathroom i bumped into Liam Payne.

I looked up at him, he smiled, I frowned.

" are you okay?" He asked

I looked at him with pain clear in my eyes.The door of the bathroom clicked shut behind me. Oh God did he see Harry?

Liam's face went red and looked at me, he was really confused.


"Why is Harry in the girls bathroom?.. Did you and him... You Know ..... " he looked at me then the bathroom door. I shook my head and pushed past him. I ran through the things that had just happened

1) I Ran

2) I kissed a boy I had only just met

3) I ran. Again

Straight forward right?No Not straight forward.

The boy was Harry Styles. I just met him and he was the only one that has ever called me beautiful.


Thats that then guys x

I am so sorry for taking super long to upload, I have been writing it on a notebook and i then have to type it all out.. Plus i have been so busy so i am SO SORRY!

oh i do realize that me and avery's story are not really joined up but it will join Promise x

So thats basically it. I hope you liked it , nothing much really happened. But i think it was okay!

Oh and we need a cover!!!! Anyone have any ideas?

Love El xox

P.s Comment and favorite x :D I Apreciate it, cos i want to know how many people are actuall properly reading this x so yeah

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