Foe to friend

A quickish story bout Maddy Greenville who moved to England cause her house in Canada burned down.
She mets 1D but she has no idea who they are!
But something happens...


3. Friends like never before...

I quickly looked at Zayns apperence. He had his hair in a quiff, his shirt was short sleeved and simple. He wore ripped jeans with new trainers. Zayn ran to the cold tap and turned it on as soon as he heard water running in the bathroom. "Ahhh!" we heard a scream coming from the bathroom.

Harry walked in with an angry face. "Soz, just making a drink." Zayn said cheekily

"You will be." Harry said thoughtfullly

Harry was wrapped in a towel with One Direction on. I looked at my clothes, I looked so messy. Harry quickly changed the subject to me. "So why'd I find you in the steet like that?" Harry asked

"Oh just a fight." I replied

"Ouch. Hey coz you look a bit on the down side, I'll drive you to your place so you can properly clean up, sound good?" Harry asked before whispering something in Zayns ear. Zayn nodded.

"Yeah great." I said

Harry went to his bedroom to get dressed. We left Zayn in charge of Harrys penthouse. Harry opened the door to his Audi for me. "Why thank you sir. What a lovely car." I said jumping in

As soon as Harry was about to drive away, tons of fans surrounded the car.Harry beeped and drove off quickly, waving behind him. "Where'd you live then? he asked

"16 North Aveune please," I said "Just a road away from your penthouse." I added

As we got there, i opened the door to a clean and tidy house. I showed Harry upstairs. "Stay here." i said as I walked to my room

I found a cute sleeveless top and a pair of short denim shorts. I added a few bangles and put my white vans on. As make up I put on some mascara, pale lipstick, pinkish blusher and dark pink eyeshadow.

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