Foe to friend

A quickish story bout Maddy Greenville who moved to England cause her house in Canada burned down.
She mets 1D but she has no idea who they are!
But something happens...


2. Friend...

I woke up with a pair of deep green eyes staring at me. "Hello." he said smiling
"Agh! Where the hell am I?" I asked panicking
"Hi, nice to met you. This is my penthouse. I'm Harry...Styles." he grinned now
I sat up and cleared my thoat. "Hi, I'm Maddy Greenville." I whispered
"Ok Maddy, do you want an ice Pack?" he asked throwing one around
"um sure," I said
I saw that I had plasters and bandages covering where I was hurt. I pressed the ice pack on my forehead. I started to get comfortable with Harry. "You're good at the whole plaster an bandage thing right?" I asked
"Wrong. This was all the work of my body guard outside," he coughed "I'll bring him in." rushing off to the door
Bodyguard I thought; wow! I looked around and saw a pair of boxers with a rude joke. I saw loads of pics on the wall with a band called "One Direction." I wondered who they were. He came back in."Maddy met Jack. Jack met Maddy." she said
"Hello Madam nice to see you. I hope your wounds get better." he said blushing
"Thank you Jack; for doing my bandages and plasters." I said
"well I'll be off," jack murmured walking to the door
"You have a wonderful acent, but I can't make out where it comes from." he said
"Oh just a small town in Canada, hardly any shops or people," I replied "by the way who are One Directon?"
"Type 'em up on wiki." he said passing me a laptop
He also had "One Direction" as a desktop pic. I searched them. OMG! They are like one of the biggest boy bands! "Oh my god! I'm so sorry, you
Know that I come from a small town yeah, well I've only just found out about Take That!" I babbled
"it's alright honest." he said
He got a knock on the door. He opened it. "hey Hazza. Wow new girl on the block?" said who I thought was Zayn. "Yeah sorta," he said "I'm gonna go shower." he added "2 ticks." and with tht he rushed into the bathroom...
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