Foe to friend

A quickish story bout Maddy Greenville who moved to England cause her house in Canada burned down.
She mets 1D but she has no idea who they are!
But something happens...


1. Foe...

I sat whistling to a song on my MP3 player sitting on my front wall. "hey, you look pretty!" said a random but recogniseable voice
"Ugh, stop bugging me you perv! I have other HOTTER boys to be with! Why ann I even wasting my breath on you? I shouted in rage
He ran away crying.
5 mins later an angry teen marched over. "Oi! Dont upset my bro! He ain't all that bad!" she said staring at me
I sighed, and she smacked my left cheek. "Hey!" I screamed slapping her
We punched each other. I could see my nose was bleeding, the boy had already ran off. She pushed me and my head hit the gound. I could just about see her run off. I felt so dizzy!
I tried calling for help but it came out a slur. I grabbed my bag searching for phone; but I couldn't find it! "hello," I heard a manly but gentle voice say
After that I passed out...

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