The line, Three steps to heaven

Basicly, it's a re-writtern version of the beginning of a short ghost story me and my cousin wrote a few years back mixed with a strange rumour my friend told me before, which i expanded.

p.s. Hey Nancy ^-^


1. Day One, Step One

Authur's notes : So, I wrote this story ages ago based on a ghost story me and my cousin wrote before and a rumor my friend talked about. At first I wasn't going to post this, but then, I was talking to my friend Heather on the 21-11-12 (ironic date) and she said that I should post it on the internet and so, here it is. It's kinda convinient as I was going to write a completly new story for 23:23 (that was what 'The line' was original called) but then I couldn't write it, but I forgot to delete the story cover, and so I posted this instead. Lazy, I know :P  But I have homework and school, so it's kinda slow.

BTW: I will update this, since it is a bit... rubbish (It was originally wrote as a YouTube message which I expanded)


P.S  Yo Heather :P




Day One

Step One

*** *** *** ***

A few years back, there was a 16 year old girl named Alex. Walking home from school, the student had taken a rather dim street, lit up by the rusting lampposts.

Step. Step.

Slowly, the bitter, frosted air crept upon her. The cold loomed over as she passed the old paved roads, graffitied wall and the abandoned warehouse. Something wasn't right.

Step. Step.

She'd known it was a bad idea to use this particular short cut but the winter season chilled the atmosphere, encouraging her to take the quickest way home. She shivered.

Step. Step.

It was strange. There was something about the place that made her back crawl and put her on edge. Instinctively, she heightened her senses.

Step. Step.

Hearing; her ears strained, listening to the humming echo of her footsteps.

Step. Step.

Sight; her eyes scanned the area, intent on absorbing each detail of her surroundings. She stopped. Something caught her eye.

Sharply swinging her head to face a particular spot on the old graffitied wall, she was greeted with a message painted into the brickwork, camouflaged amongst the other various scrawls of spray paint. ‘Th#e# st#ps over the li#e a#d...' Some of the letters were washed out and the rest was illegible but out of curiosity, she examined the writing, compelled to figure out what the meaning of the faded words were.

Step. Step.

Shaking her head slightly, she turned back to the street and began walking but her thoughts lingered on the message.

Step. Step.

So absorbed in her thoughts, she almost missed the reverberating sound of shoes tapping against the concrete pavement.

Step. Step.

Almost. But she noticed. She had heard it. She stopped...


Immediately she whipped her head round but there was no one. No one but her. Suddenly the night seemed colder, the light dimmer and shadows darker. Before she could turn back, something flickered in the corner of her eye. Three paces from her, there was a thin, almost unnoticeable line stretching across the pavement behind her.

*** *** *** ***


S.Once she arrived home, all thoughts on the strange abandoned street were completely expelled from her mind. The curtains were drawn but there was no sound from the living room and the lights were off.T. Nothing but silence.E. She checked the old grandfather clock in the hallway, it read 9:36. Strange… It was way too early for them to all go to sleep.P. Well, Jamie, her 12 year old little brother would normally be asleep but her parent usually stayed up till 11. Maybe they were tired?


It was now 11:43 and Alex was sprawled across her bed. Despite the winter cold outside it was rather warm in her room. She kicked off the covers, lying in her light pyjamas on. Turning the lights off, she drifted into blissful sleep.

*** *** *** ***



She was dreaming, dreaming of a forest. It was filled with shades of lush, lively green. The canopy above her stretched high and tall, the tree’s leaves swaying in the breeze as sunlight filtered through. Step. The smell of honey and dewdrops swirled around her.


Abruptly, she swivelled round to the voice. There were two people –no, children. The boy looked no older than 12 while the girl looked older, 17, 15 maybe?

“Yeah sis?”

It seemed like the two couldn’t see her.

Step. “Do you want to go play by the river?” Smiling, the older sibling ruffled the boy’s hair.

In response, the younger nodded. For a brief moment, Alex thought she saw a thin line running across the forest floor.


Both siblings were now in the river, splashing each other with water.

“Can we play something else sis?”

“Sure. We could play…” Smiling, she paused as if thinking for a moment. “…mermaids”

Frowning the boy protested. Step.

“Mermaids? Sis, I’m not a little kid! Plus it’s lame”


Holding the boy’s shoulders, she smiled.

“How do you know if you’ve never played before?” Suddenly, her hand snapped towards the younger’s neck before she pushed the boy underwater. Step. She smiled.

Overcome with shock and fear, the boy stared with wide eyes for a second. Desperately, he struggled and thrashed, his hands clawed at the vice like grip around his neck. His lungs burned as his sister tightened her hold.


He was losing consciousness and he could feel his limbs going limp. Step. His heart was slowing.


The edges of his vision were starting to blur but they focused on his sister, his sister’s smile.

“You’re on your first step to heaven, brother” She whispered, smiling.


*** *** *** ***


The grandfather clock chimed. Alex’s eye flew open and she immediately switched the bedside lamp on. She sat, staring at the door, in silence. Something was bugging her and she knew it was something to do with the dream she’d just had but the more she tried to remember, the more she forgot.



Part 2 should be up soon.


The rumour is apparently true. I have no idea if it is or not...



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