More than this

Rosie is I love with Harry Styles from the band One Direction and she is disparate to meet them . But here dreams come true.


15. the VIP bar

They all sat there in silence, when suddenly they heard a american voice say "can you just put my bags in my room and that would be great!" they all looked confused. they heard footsteps. they thought it was the boys coming back they all walked back to were they were sitting. Mia was walking really fast with her head down. Suddenly Mia bumped into somone. She looked up. with a shock on her face she screamed. "omg omg omg omg omg it you. it you the real JUSTIN BIEBER! what are you doing here?" asked Mia "erm well i have a concert in a few days so i am staying in the hilton for a few days and this is the VIP bar isnt it! and are you a big fan or something?" Mia nodded her head with a massive smile on her face!" she jumped up and hugged justin. Then she stopped hugging him and then smied and then acted all cool and said "you wanna sit down?" just and Mia sat down and started talking. Suddenly all the boys came running in "those fans are crazy!" said Zayn. "Justin! havent seen you in ages!" said Niall. he walked over to justin hi fived him the walked over to Lucy. Rosie looked around the room but couldnt seem to find Harry! she was getting worried now. what if that girl has done something to him. she thought.

suddenly harry came running in. "where have you been Harry?" asked Rosie. "those fans are crazy. especially that girl with the mrs styles pink top on."replied harry. Rosie rolled her eyes. "Rosie, whats the matter do you know her!" asked Harry. Rosie nodded. She sat down and thought hard. "how do you know her!" asked Harry "yes but i dont know how!"replied Rosie "wait thas it!" she jumped up "she is my worst enemy! we go to school together she thinks she is a bigger harry Styles than me. we have been enemys since nusery! she as always hated me. she made my ex cheat on me with her. then he dumped me for her. she makes a show of me all the time! eeeerrrrrrr i hate her!" she sat down and harry sat next to her "does she really like me or is she just saying tha to get you?" asked harry "yes she used to love JLS because i used to love them she said that and when i said that i love one direction and harry was my favourite she copied me she just always wants a argument!" replied rosie. Harry hugged her.

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