More than this

Rosie is I love with Harry Styles from the band One Direction and she is disparate to meet them . But here dreams come true.


20. The story

She walked over to Harry and gave his clothes back that she wore last night. "why are you giving these back!" asked Harry. "because they're yours!" rosie said confusingly. "can't you stay with me for a few nights why I'm in Liverpool!" asked Harry. Rosie smiled and nodded "ok! ........... But wait I will have to ask my mum but it will be very hard for her to agree!" said Rosie. "why?" asked Harry. "well when I was younger my mum and my dad started to argue!" huffed Rosie ! "so did mine!"said Harry. "but it got out of hand! My dad started to hit my mum and bully her. Bit she was to scared to hit him back or tell anyone! My mum said he used to lock me in the coboard so I didn't see anything! But one day she rang the police and that came and arrested him. He was in there for 2 years and when he got freed he cam and looked for me and my mum. We had moved and started a new life and I had a new dad who was really my step dad but I was only 1 when I first met him so I have new him my whole life! And when I was 3 or 4 he came out of prison and came to find is. When he found us he kidnapped me. The police and everyone got involved looking for me. But then my mug found me. So my dad is back in prison for 20 years. And he might come out sooner and try and find me again!" said Rosie. Harry looked shocked with his eyes as wide as possible." oh I see!" said Harry. He felt really bad for Rosie "have you got any other brothers or sisters?" asked Harry. Rosie replied "well erm my mum was 20 when she had me and I have a older brother who is 3 years older than me! Oh and I have a younger half brother and a baby half sister who is 3 now!" said Rosie. Harry nodded "I only have Gemma!" they both smiled. Rosie stood p and said "well let's ignore that sad story and be happy!" Harry stood up to and nodded.
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