More than this

Rosie is I love with Harry Styles from the band One Direction and she is disparate to meet them . But here dreams come true.


12. The Hilton

The jumped out the limo. They were only in the limo for a little while. About 5 minutes. As it was only opposite the arena but it took them a bit longer as they had to push past all the fans waiting to meet them outside the door. The. Limo had to drive slowly so it could squeeze the screaming fans.

They jumped out the limo to find a bra on top of the roof. Suddenly all the fans came running after them. They all ran into the hotel. Rosie was holding hands with harry. She looked behind her two see the girl from the concert standing there scowling at her. Rosie looked down at her top to see it says 'mrs styles" the girl realised rosie was looked at her and raised her eyebrows up then down once. Rosie get scared. Harry dragged her into the lift. They wer all squished into one little tiny lift. All the security guards were pushing hundreds of fans back. Rosie got to Harry's room she was looking out the window. She seen lots of girls crowding around the main door screaming. Harry came over and tickled her ribs. She giggled. She is very ticklish. Harry pulled Rosie back from the window and turned her around and kissed her on the cheek.
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