More than this

Rosie is I love with Harry Styles from the band One Direction and she is disparate to meet them . But here dreams come true.


10. The best part concert

Rosie was sitting there, trying to enjoy the band. She had a massive head ache. Ellie kept asking her does she want some paracetamol and she kept saying "no I am ok thanks!"
Ellie looked at Rosie in pain. She grabbed her arm and took her to the toilets. She gave her the paracetamol and they went back into the arena. They both sat down and then started clapping. They walked of the stage then a man walked on. They both huffed.
Suddenly the man shouted "are you guys exited for one direction!" they both screamed. The whole room filled up with the sound of screaming. The notice was ringing in your ears. Rosie by far screamed the loudest. Ellie just about the same but Rosie lasted longer because elie was starting to loose her voice.
Suddenly the man ran of and then na na na started playing. The boys ran on one by one. Liam, then Zayn, then Niall, then Louis and then Harry. When Harry ran on. You could tell he was looking for someone. He scanned round the arena. And then spotted Rosie on the front row. She was screaming and then waving. She looked at Ellie and Ellie was shouting "Zayn, hi Zayn, it's me!" and she was waving like a mad woman. Rosie was laughing. Zayn spotted her and waved. She screamed! As soon as Harry started singing he pointed at Rosie. Rosie screamed! And then blew him a kiss. Harry winked back.
The concert was amazayn. Everyone was singing along. When more than this came on Rosie screamed. It was her favourite song! She was singing really load. Her eyes were filled up with tears. She looked next to her to see Ellie dancing slowly but crazily. She started to laugh. She was looking at Harry. He winked at her. She started to giggle. She looked behind her to see that girls were giving her dirty looks. When she looked they put the two fingers up at Rosie, they looked as if they were going to beat her up. . Normally she would get a bit upset but she was so happy that not even that could change her mood! Her scowled at the girls and mimed to Rosie "love you." She mumbled back" love you two". At the end of the concert Rosie was smiling so much. She said "backstage here we come!" they collected al there bags and then walked out the arena.
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