More than this

Rosie is I love with Harry Styles from the band One Direction and she is disparate to meet them . But here dreams come true.


21. Texts

Rosie picked up her phone and there was to texts. One of her Mum and one of Mia. She opened the one of her mum first. 'hi Rosie hope you had a nice time in Mia's last night but I am going out for the weekend with some girls from work so I asked Mia's mum and she said that you can stay with her for a fe days. But she asked the girls and they said that they can stay with you at the weekend two!" Rosie screamed. "omg my mum said me and the girls are staying at Mia's this weekend and she let's us do anything!" Harry jumped up and shouted" yay!" then she opened the one off Mia and it said "yay you and Ellie and Lucy are staying at mine all weekend. Meet us all down for breakfast at 10 am.!' Rosie showed Harry the text of Mia. "well we better get changed now." Harry said. Hestood up and got some clothes out. "what shal I wear today I only have this clothes that I wore last night and I don't want to!" said Rosie. "well how about put them on for now and then we will go down and have breakfast then go and by you a few outfits for the next few days." but I don't know if I can stay yet I will have to tell mia and she will have to tell her mum. You havea word with tha boys and suggest to them to ask them to stay for a extra few days!" suggested Rosie. "ok but still wear the same clothes babe." said Harry. Rosie nodded. They both got changed. Rosie just put her her in a bun at the top of her head and had her Mrs Styles jumper on. "how do I look?" asked Rosie. Harrylooked at her jumper and laughed " what it's the only jumper I've got!" he laughed and took her down to breakfast!
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