More than this

Rosie is I love with Harry Styles from the band One Direction and she is disparate to meet them . But here dreams come true.


6. Stalking 1D

It was the day of the concert Rosie jumped in her older sisters car and set of to get Ellie, Mia and Lucy. Rosie's olde sister is called Chloe. She loves One Direction. Her favourite is Louis. She is the same age as Louis as well. Chloe's friend is called Millie she is going to the concert with Chloe and Rosie and her friends. Millie's favourite is Liam.
They arrived in ton at 10:30 in the morning and waited outside the arena. Rosie went on her phone and seen a tweet of Niall saying that the food is lovely in the Hilton. They ran acros the road to the hiton hotel opposite the arena.
Rosie and Ellie tryed to sneak pasted the security guard but he caught them. Chloe is a master of disguises she asked this lady standing next to them smoking to help them she explained there problems. . The lady came downstairs with a bag full of clothes. Millie and Chloe put them on. They walked in each pretending that Mia, Lucy, Rosie and Ellie was there daughters. Considering there is only 3 yrs between Rosie and Chloe. With Chloe's disguise made Chloe look quite old. They walked in and whispered right let's split up if anyone finds them ring everyone. Everyone Walked off. Even the lady that borrowed them her clothes is part of the plan. Millie sat at the bar and started talking to some randomers. Chloe and Mia walked into the restaurant. Lucy, Rosie and Ellie went to look all around the floors. Lucy and Rosie dressed up as a maid and and went into everybodys rooms and Ellie just walked round the hallways casually.. The random lady was looking in all the bathrooms. suddenly Rosie got a phone call of the random lady. She answered it "Hi Rosie it's me the lady who lent you all the clothes and stuff well I am pretending to be the toilet cleaner person and I think that Liam from 1D is in the toilets I will send you a picture" Rosie replied OMG OMG really quick!" Rosie put the phone down and screamed.
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