More than this

Rosie is I love with Harry Styles from the band One Direction and she is disparate to meet them . But here dreams come true.


2. One day

Rosie is one of the popular girls in school.
One day Rosie was on her way to school. She seen her friends ( Ellie, Mia and Lucy ) she ran over to them and started to talk to them. Suddenly the popular boys walked over which they were friends with Rosie and her friends. Joe ran over to Mia and kissed her (they were boyfriend and girlfriend) and then Tom walked over to Lucy and hugged her and sneaked a kiss on her cheek.
They all walked into school together. When the got into school they went to there lockers. Rosie and Ellie's are at one end of the hallway and Mia and Lucy's are at the other end. All the boys walked over to Rosie and Ellie. All the boys were laughing, Rosie looked over her shoulder to see that Ellie was telling more jokes.
Suddenly someone turned Rosie around and kissed her. It was to quick she didn't know who it was. He finally stopped. It was Jack. Rosie's x. Rosie said " Jack I've told you I don't love you any more!" Rosie grabbed Ellie's arm and pulled her to class. All the boys followed. They got into class. Rosie and Ellie are in one class and Mia and Lucy are in another class but they are all in the same lessons together.
They sat at the front of the class and started talking to the boys. The boys were all flirting with Rosie and Ellie. Ellie has a boyfriend but he is in Mia and Lucy's class. Rosie won't go out with anyone because she thinks that one day Harry Styles will ask her out.
Suddenly the bell went.
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