More than this

Rosie is I love with Harry Styles from the band One Direction and she is disparate to meet them . But here dreams come true.


16. Mummys girl.

When they finished there drinks they went back to Harrys room.

When they got there they sat on the bed. Rosie looked at her phone. It was a text of her Mum. It said 'night baby love you xx' she smiled then looked behind her, to see that harry was about to pear over her shoulder. She turned the screen of her phone over so he couldnt see the screen. She would feel Embarrest if Harry seen the text of her Mum. God knows why. Harry tryed to snatch the phone of it and she chucked it. He jumped to grab it but Rosie jumoed in frnt of him. She grabbed the phone and tryed to delete the text. Suddenly Harry tickled her ribs (he knows how ticklish she is!) she chucked the phone in the air. Harry grabbed it and read the text. He smiled and tickled her belly "embarrest then eh from a text from your Mummy!" said Harry. Rosie looked around the room with her eyes. she went bright red! "Theres nothing wrong with being a Mummys girl! I am a Mummys boy!" she Looked at him and smiled and kissed him on the cheek. harry smiled and sqoze her tight.

Harry stood up. he sat on the bed. He looked in the mirror. He smiled a big wide smile with his teeth shut. It looked scary. "i need to brush my teeth!" Said Harry. He sttod up and walked to the bathroom. "So do i but i dont have my tooth brush!" huffed Rosie! "wait i have a spare tooth brush!" jumped Harry "why!" asked Rosie! "because incase i loose mine!" replied Harry. "oh ok are you shaw you havent used it?" asked Rosie. "Its still sealed in the packet look!" replied Harry. Harry lead Rosie into the bathroom and showed her the tooth brushed.

Rosie walked into the bedroom and sat on the bed. Harry followed. He stood up and took his top off. Rosie smiled and looked at him.He said "i am getting reddy for bed now!"           "I would but i dont hae anything to were but this and it is not very confy!" said Rosie. Harry looked in his drawers and got out a t-shirt and some shorts. She thanked him and walked into the bathroom to get changed.


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