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Rosie is I love with Harry Styles from the band One Direction and she is disparate to meet them . But here dreams come true.


17. Mummys Boy

Rosie walked out the bathroom in Harrys cloths. "these are very confy! are you shaw you dont mind?" harry shoock his head and said "of cause not babe!" Harry jumoed on the bed and lay on top of the covers. Rosie walked round the bed and lay next to him on top of the covers. they were cuddling and talking about what it is like to be famous.

Suddenly Harrys phone rang. He sat up and grabbed the phone. "hello, Its reception. you have some vistors. we didnt want to send them up to your room incase there was anything you didnt want them to see.!" Harry told Rosie and Rosie told him to send them up! He rang back reception and told them to send them up.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. "come in!!" shouted Harry. It was Anne. Harrys mum.Harry Jumped of the bed and hugged his mum.Harry was so Happy. "Mum, what are you doing here!" asked Harry happy. "I am here to surprize you. I havent seen you in like 3 months!" replied Harrys mum, Anne. Harry huuged her. He came of the hug and looked behind him. "erm, Mum there is someone i would like you to meet!" said harry shyly "Mum this is Rosie my girlfriend!" Rosie walked out the bathroom and smiled. She was all red "erm Hi i'm Rosie!" said Rosie quietly. "well hi arent you pretty and you seem nice harry is doing well with his girls! he used to have a girlfriend when he was little. she was a bit nerd...." replied anne,Harrys mum. "Mum!" Harry cut his mum short before she could finish her sentence.Rosie giggled.

"so Mum where are you staying?" asked harry. Harrys mum replied "erm just here i have a room her with your sister Gemma she is in the room getting dressed.she said she will see you in the morning! she is very tired!"          "sounds like Gemma!" huffed Harry "how is it in Holmeschapel?" cheered up."just the same!" replied Harrys mum Anne.

Harry hugged his mum and took her back to her room. He came back and got back in the place he was with Rosie before his mum came.

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