More than this

Rosie is I love with Harry Styles from the band One Direction and she is disparate to meet them . But here dreams come true.


8. Meeting the rest

Rosie and Harry are still looking in each others eyes. Zayn, Niall and Ellie just si there in silence. Zayn and Ellie look at each other, Ellie giggles. It is still silent and and Rosie and Harry are still looking at each other. Zayn and Ellie keep looking at each other and smiling then looking away.
Suddenly Lucy walked in. Which killed the silence. She was wearing her maids outfit and screamed then "OMG, OMG!" then says quietly talking to herself "Wow I didn't know I would react this way I I met them." then said outloud "OMG Nialls even fitter in person! I think I like him just as much as Justin Bieber!" Niall smiled and said "you like Justin to. I do I cryer when he followed me on twitter!" they both smiled at each other then sat next to each other and started talking. Rosie and Harry started to talk. "Are you coming the concert then?" Rosie nodded and said "front row tickets!" Louis walked in and said "wow some crazy girls in Liverpool. Scouses are the best fans ever!" Harry stood up and looked at Louis "why what happened this time Louis. Why are they so mad?" asked Harry. Louis Replied "oh we'll, erm I was walking through the corridor when this crazy girl dragged me into the lift. She looked about my age but she is very pretty!" Ellie and Rosie looked at each other and laughed and said "Chloe!" Louis asked who's Chloe?" Rosie replied "My sister she loves you!" "and who may you be then?" asked Louis. "I'm Rosie and she's Ellie and that one over there with Niall is Lucy!"
Everyone looked at Lucy and Niall. They were sharing a big bag of crisps! Louis laughed and said "that's Niall for you!" and then Ellie also said "and that's Lucy for ya!" Everyone Laughed.
Suddenly Chloe knocked on the door. Ellie whispered "hide guys hide" Louis, Zayn, Niall and Harry went of and hid in the cupboard. Ellie went and opened the door. It was Chloe. Chloe said "rrrrr I thoughts I saw Louis run in here!" suddenly Louis fell out the wardrobe. He said "rrrrr Niall just farted. Rrr Niall that was a bad one." Niall jumped out the wardrobe laughing. Everyone shouted "eeeeeeeeee !" Chloe's face lit up. Louis shouted "oh oh it's her!" Chloe pushed Louis on the bed. Ellie, Rosie and Lucy were laughing! Liam ran in with Millie on his back. They stated laughing even more.
Harry said to Rosie" oh well you better go and find your other friend. And we need to go and get some lunch. Here are some back stage passes to the concert." they all screamed. Harry kissed Rosie then the rest of 1D followed. Rosie, Ellie, lucy, Millie and Chloe followed. Lucy rang Mia. They walked off and thanked the lady that helped them and went for some lunch in pizza hut.
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