More than this

Rosie is I love with Harry Styles from the band One Direction and she is disparate to meet them . But here dreams come true.


7. Meeting 1D

Suddenly The door slamed and someon had walked in. Rosie didn't know who it was. She said "oops sorry I am nearly do......." she turned around and dropped her her spray. It was Niall. He replied "nearly what?" Rosie could not let her words out. She started breathing very slowly. He said "ok!" then he asked "are you ok do you have asthma or something." Rosie replied " I-I-I-I'm okkkkkaaay I am just a really big fan of you." He also asked "aren't you a little young to be a maid and well a little cute. May I ask how old are you?" Rosie let out a little giggle and replied "thank you! And I am 17." Niall replied oh well there isn't a big age difference then is they!" he winked then asked " are you coming the concert tonight?" Rosie nodded and looked around. Suddenly Ellie walked in and she had got a maids outfit on. She looked up and screamed. Niall put his hand over Ellie's mouth. Ellie fainted. Rosie rushed over and slapped her. Ellie woke up. She looked around and said "I haven't missed anything have I?" niall and Rosie looked at each other and both said together "no!" Ellie was looking around and started talking to Niall like she had known him for ages. She suddenly looked at him and said "erm Niall. You wouldn't be perhaps, sharing a room with Zayn." Niall replied erm no sorry he is just next door. Look come through here." he took Rosie and Ellie through this door. Elli whispered into Rosie's ear "I thought this was a little closet!" they both started laughing. They walked through to see that Zaynewas sitting there on his phone. Ellie stood there in silence for ages then shouted "OMG OMG OMG OMG I can't believ it is you the real ......" zayn ran over andout his hand overhear mouth then Ellie fainted again. Zayn and Niall lifted her up onto zayns bed. Zayn looked at Ellie. He looked like he was about to kiss her. Then he shouted "WAKE UP!" Ellie jumped up and said "well you could of woke me up with a kiss instead of screaming down my ear!" Zayn replied "well sorry is this better !" He planted a kiss on her cheek. Ellie fainted again. This time they just left her. Suddenly Harry ran in with no pants on in just his undies and shirt. He said in a deep voice " some fans a vissieous!" he sounded like he had just ran a marathon. Rosie fell to the floor. Harry looked over her and said "well who is this pretty lady?" Niall said "oh this is Rosie!" Harry replied " ooohhh well she is yummy has she just fainted cause she seen me? Lots of girls do that." he flicked his her and planted a kiss on her lips. Rosie sat up quickly and said "this is a weird dream you were there and you were there and then you just walked in!" she pointed at Niall then zayn then Harry. Then she screamed and shouted "it's not a dream!" she looke into Harry's eyes. Harry looked into Rosie's eyes. Ellie say up. Her head blocked the view of Rosie seeing Harry. Rosie pushed Ellie back down. Rosie and Harry had love at first sight!
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