More than this

Rosie is I love with Harry Styles from the band One Direction and she is disparate to meet them . But here dreams come true.


3. Lessons

Rosie and Ellie walked out of class and over too the their next class. They sat at the back in the corner of the room. Mia and Lucy came and sat next to them. Mrs Colly walked in and shouted "Morning Everyone!" and Everyone replied "Morning." Ellie shoutes "Iya miss." and everyone laughed. Mrs Colly has a brown bob with red glasses. She is very young and has a pair of glasses to match every outfit.
"How was your weekend?" asked Mrs Colly. Ellie replied "fine miss! How was yours?" Miss said giggleing "Erm good good lot of marking though. Get your text books out!" Everyone looked up and huffed and Mrs said "just kidding. Get your laptops out and pick your favourite celebraty. Research them and next leston we will be doing a fact file about them." Rosie looked up and looked at Ellie. Rosie and Ellie love One Direction. Rosie loves Harry and Ellie loves Zayn. Whilst Mia and Lucy love Justin Bieber. Everyone logged onto there laptops and started their research Rosie didnt need to do and research she knows enough already so she just looked at pictures of them to print of.
Rosie looked next to her and there was a few notes that have been passed to her. She opened them and they were love notes. There was One more that she hadn't looked at yet. S she opened it and started to laugh and looked at Ellie. Ellie put her thumb up back.
Suddenly the school bell rang. It was break time. At break time Rosie, Ellie ,Mia and Lucy and some of the boys go to the shop opposite the school.
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