More than this

Rosie is I love with Harry Styles from the band One Direction and she is disparate to meet them . But here dreams come true.


23. Finished

They all ran back really happy. "omg omg omg Harry we can stay!" shrieked Rosie. Harry dropped his toast then jumped up and hugged her. "when I have finished I will go and by you some clothes for the weekend."said Harry. Rosie nodded then sat down and nipped some of Harry's toast. Harry smiled.

Ellie walked over to Rosie and whispered something. Rosie pulled a worrying face then laughed. Harry looked confused. Ellie walked of laughing. When she sat down she kept looking at Rosie then laughing, Rosie was smiling then rolling her eyes. "what did she say?" asked Harry. Rosie replied "oh erm nothing it wasn't even funny but like the way she said it haha it's quite personal as well!". "oh ok I Wont ask!" replied Harry. They both laughed until it fell into a silence. A awquid silence! They looked at each othe the tried to hold a laugh in. The silence broke when Harry stood up and said "well let's go to town!" Rosie stood up and walked off.

Considering it was raining last night it was very sunny outside. Harry put his sunglasses on. He had shorts and a polo shirt on but Rosie had leggings and a sweat shirt on. She ran upstairs and put the sweater on the bed then ran back down. Underneath the sweater she had a short sleaved top on it had on direction on this time. She went red again. It was very hot the sun was in Rosie's eyes, she had her eyes squinted. "sun in your eyes eh I will get you some!" said Harry. Rosie got on her tip toes and kissed him on the cheek.
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