More than this

Rosie is I love with Harry Styles from the band One Direction and she is disparate to meet them . But here dreams come true.


13. Dream

Harry walked into the bathroom and shouted "just getting a shower!" Rosie shouted back "ok!"
Rosie sat on the bed and looked at her phone. The first thing she saw on her phone was her screensaver. It is a picture of Harry styles. She pulled her phone too her heart and hugged it she closed her eyes and lay back onto the bed with the phone still clenched too her heart. Her dreams had finally come true. She in silence for a while thinking about what might happen next. In the background she could hear. Harry singing in the shower "I can't love you more than this! Yeh!" she smiled. It was her favourite song. Suddenly she heard the bathroom door open. She quickly sat up and put her phone down. She turned round and smiled at Harry. Harry came over and hugged her. He stood up and got some underpants out of the drawer. He put them on and then sat next to Rosie. They lay next to each other on the bed. "so Rosie! Tell me about yourself!" she told him lots of things even some personal things. He told her some things about him. It Rosie new most of them any way. She knew more things about him but he never mentioned them. He then asked her "did you enjoy the convert?" she opened her eyes really load and said really quick "yeh!" he laughed and then asked "what's your favourite song? It doesn't really have to be one of ours!" she thoughed for a bit and then she said "probably more than this! It makes me feel all nice. I don't really like slow songs but I love that on." Harry laughed and said "i like that one too!" Rosie smiled and looked at Harry. Harry looked at Rosie. He placed a soft kiss on her lips. As soon as he came of the kiss he he smiled at Rosie. She smiled back. "in fact I dedicate that song to my love for you!" Rosie smiled. Inside she was crying of happyness. She kissed him back "I love you to" said Rosie "I dedicate the song back to you too!" they kissed again.
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