More than this

Rosie is I love with Harry Styles from the band One Direction and she is disparate to meet them . But here dreams come true.


14. cute

Harry and Rosie had been cuddleing in bed for a while now. They are still telling each other things about themselves. Rosie was really happy but shocked. Suddenly her phone buzzed. she turned over then rolled out the bed.It was Chloe. she had texted her. she opened the text, it said 'hiya meet us down stairs in the bar!' rosie shown the text to harry. harry stood up and then put some pants and a top on rosie sat waiting on the bed. when they were lying on the bed rosie still had her clothes on ad harry was in his undepants they were also lying on top of the covers.

As soon as harry wasready the walked out the room. They walked down the corridor and into the lift. they stood there in the lift in silence. Rosie looked up Harry and smiled, Harry looked down at Rosie and then kissed her. Harry was a bit taller than Rosie. t

They arrived at the bar and everyone was sitting there all laughing acting like they have new each other for a long time. Rosie and Harry sat at the bar and Harry orded some drinks "hello, erm can i have 2 orange cocktails please?" the bar lady got the drinks for them and then they went and sat next to Louis and Chloe. Louis and Chloe were kissing, they had been kissing for a bit know! Rosie pulled Chloe back by her hair. Chloe turned around and then looked at rosie with a dirty look on her face. Suddenly one of the security guards of the hilto amerunning in "look guys its getting crazy out there! you are gonna have too come down and meet them and sign some things!" said the security guard. The Boys stood up and then Harry turned round and kissed rosie on the cheek and said " be back in a minuite babe!" the boys walked off. suudenly Ellie, Mia, Lucy and Millie all ran over too Rosie and Chloe. They all screamed quietly. "omg omg omg omg this is the best thing ever!" screached Ellie. "Guys i think that i like Niall just as much as Justin Bieber!" they all laughed "i have been sitting like a loner!" huffed Mia "i hope someone good lucking comes in!" they all laughed . They all stopped laughing and just sat in silence

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