More than this

Rosie is I love with Harry Styles from the band One Direction and she is disparate to meet them . But here dreams come true.


22. Breakfast

They walked into the dining area and sat down next to the others. "mmmmmm eggs!" said Louis. He was sitting next to Chloe. Chlowas sitting next to Millie and Liam. Rosie was sitting next to Harry and Ellie. Ellie was talking and telling Rosie about her night. "nothing wrong happened we just slept in the same bed!" said Ellie! "same here!" replied Rosie. They both laughed. "Ellie do you have any mascara and lipgloss?" asked Rosie. "erm yes why do yu want some?" asked Ellie. Rosie nodded. Rosie whispered into Harry's ear that they were going the toilet. Rosie and Ellie walked off to the toilets. "OMG, that night ever!" screamed Rosie quietly. "why I thought you didn't do anythin but sleep in the same bed! Are you lying!" replied Ellie. Ellie is really Scouse. "what no I am saying its the best night ever because I am dating Harry styles and it all happened yesterday night you idiot." they bith laughed, Rosie began to put her makeup on and so did Ellie. Suddenly the door opened Lucy and Mia came in. "Justin is a support act for one direction tomorrow along with that annoying French band and one direction are supporting Justin bieber in 2days aaahhhhh and we have free tickets for Justin." they both shouted. "aaaaaahhhhhhhh " they all screamed. "ring your mum and ask her cause we at all staying!" said Rosie "and guess what Harry asked me to stay here a few days with him!" they all screamed. They came back to breakfast and all the boys (including Justin bieber) asked the boys to stay a few days as Harry asked them. Mia rang her mum and told her mum the rest of the story and asked her! She said it was ok!
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