More than this

Rosie is I love with Harry Styles from the band One Direction and she is disparate to meet them . But here dreams come true.


11. Backstage

They found the backstage door and ran in. They showed the tickets to the security guard he pointed straight on. They ran down the corridor. They seen a sign on a door saying 'starts dressing room 1" that knocked in the door and walked in. One direction sat there opposite sitting on the couch. They shouted come in. Zayn moved up and Ellie sat next to him. Harry walked over to Rosie and lead her to the other couch. They sat next to each other. The others walked over and sat on the couch in the corner. The rest of the boys followed. It was a aw quid silence for ages until the silence ended by Niall saying "right guys, who wants a take away!" everyone shouted me please! That started a convasation.
After the concert they were meant to be staying at Mia's. Bit Mia's mum is really nice. Mia rang her up and told her the story and that they will be running late. She said that's fine.
Harry stood up and said who wants a drink. Everyone put there hand up except for Niall. He said "no time for drinking when I have al this food to enjoy!" everyone laughed. Harry walked into the kitchen and led Rosie with him. Whilst Harry was reaching for the cup he looked behind him and kissed Rosie. She let out a giggle. He pulled the cups out the cupboard and placed them on the table. He kissed Rosie even more but for a little bit longer. Rosie just went along with it. She was acting all cool on the outside bit on the inside she was freaking out. She was thinking "omg I am kissing Harry styles! Does this mean we are an item.' she stopped thinking and closed her. Eyes and pushed him away and said "am I dreaming or am I really kissing Harry styles! Someone pinch me! Louis ran in and pinched her and then ran back in the other room. Rosie shouted "ow what was that for!" harry started laughing and whispered no its not a dream. She placed a kiss on his cheek and picked up a few drinks and the walks back into the others. She walked over to Louis and pinched him. And then sat down. Harry walked in and placed the drinks on the table and then sat next to Rosie. They sat there in silence whilst everyone else was talking. It was very awquid. They kept looking at each other than looking back. The security guards walked into the room and said "it's dark now guys. I think you should go home!" Louis stood up and said well we all have double beds back in the Hilton they could maybe stay with us!" Mai stood up and said I will just ring my mum now" she walked in the corner and rang her mum. Lucy stood up and said "we are meant to be staying at Mia's tonight so if it is ok with her mum we are allowed to. But she let's her do everything." they all laughed and looked at Mia. Mia went really red and whispered "what have I done!" they all laughed. She walked over and screamed "yes she said yes!" they all shouted "hey!" they all gathered there stuff. They walked outside and ran to the tour bus. It was raining.
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