More than this

Rosie is I love with Harry Styles from the band One Direction and she is disparate to meet them . But here dreams come true.


24. Back

(this chapter is in Rosie's point of view because it is hard to explain another way!")

When we got back from town, we were so tired we had been running round town away from screaming fans all day. Now know it was hard to tell that it was Harry with the sunglasses on, he just looked like completely different person for some reason. So anyway, it was quite windy but very hot which blow his sunglasses off.
We bought two very nice outfits. I got a pair of lovely white pumps that will go with everything. Some skinny jeans and a cute flowery top and I cut little flower for my hair. I also got a cute white skirtt with a little bow in the corner (that was way above the knee,) a cute light blue top and a white bow for my hair. Harry said that I look cute in them both so I had to buy it. I mean come on if You go shopping with Harry Styles and he says that you look cute in something then you will have to buy it. We walked round Liverpool One and then Harry said he was hungry so we looked around for a good cafe. He kept asking me were I normally go but I was trying to make shaw there was no fans screaming after Harry. So I just shrugged and said "let's keep looking!" we walked round the corner to the apparel shop. Suddenly a few fans came running over and asking for pictures and autographs. Harry took a few pictures and signed a few phones and menu's and faces and a few other things then grabbed my arm into the apparel shop before anyone else would come. I looked at a apparel. It was a lovely colour. It was orange and that is my favourite colour! I looked at the sleeve and Harry looked to and said "orange my favourite colour. Do you want to try it on!" I nodded "ye!" I picked it up and put it on. Perfect you really suit orange!" I giggled and straightened my arms it suddenly shrunk. "a bit small though." I said. Harry went over and asked the lady for my size and she said that there was none left
So we walked off. When we walked outside it started to rain. We came across the jack wills shop so Harry had to go in. He loves it. He bought me a light blue jacket and him a purple one. We put it n and then ran to thorntons. We got a hot chocolate and then went back the Hilton.
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