Fateful Turn

Who would have have thought Harry Styles would walk into her life as a miracle she's always been praying for? No one. Not even 17 year old Victoria herself. Her life has been changed in ways she could have never imaged, it was destiny. Fate. A fateful turn.

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9. Your Little Things

I wanted to kiss him, so bad. I wanted to feel his lucious lips against mine, they looked so soft and perfect. They were the color of red roses, so beautifuly smooth. I dont understand how someone can be so perfect.

He tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear, and gently stroked my cheek. I wanted to touch his dimples, and his curls. Oh they looked so shiney.

"We should, uh, get this mess cleaned up"

His voice was a bit scratchy, like he was forcing it out of him. He slowly let go of me, and at that moment I really wished he didn't. I just wanted to be with him, in his arms forever. I got goosebumps just thinking about it.

I need to get a grip.

We both looked around to find Ginny the maid so she could clean up the mess. After we found her she quickly ran to the kitchen and did her work. Harry and I watched her in silence. He was sitting so close to me, I wish he'd sit closer. I wanted to lean into him, I wanted to feel his body heat.

Oh god help me

Harry looked over at me, then stood up getting ready to walk away.

"Wait" I called.

He stopped and turned to look at me. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the ring. I could feel his eyes on me as I took it out and held it out for him.

"I'm sorry, I forgot to give it back"

He walked closer to me, grabbing the ring from my hand. He was looking at it with so much relief and love. He closed his eyes as he cluched it tightly like it was his lifeline.

I dared not to ask, but my mouth betrayed me.

"Who's Emma Harry?"

His eyes opened so quickly, I didn't even realize. He gazed at me with those perfect green eyes, and he didn't look happy.

"What did you say?" he asked. He sounded frustrated and kind of angry, which is something that didn't suit him so well.

"I just want to know who she is, I'm sorry"

"Its none of your buisness Victoria, so stay out of it. Okay?" he calmly stated.

Why was he avoiding it?

"I know but, I wanted to-"

"I SAID STAY OUT OF IT!' he yelled.

He banged his fist on the table, I flinched so shocked at his reaction.

He was breathing heavily, his head facing the ground. He looked into my eyes, and I saw guilt. Slowly he edged towards me and I bacjed away. He looked hurt, sorry even.Without another word he turned around and left.

I felt so horrible.

I wanted to rewind and delete that part.

I wanted to curl up and cry.

Niall, where are you?


I asked Ginny to call Niall, I wanted him to be here with me. I feel so guilty and selfish. I feel like I'm using him, but I'm not.

Am I?

He's just a friend helping me out through rough times.

Isn't he?

I don't even know what's going on. Harry, Emma, Niall. I have so many questions. They were all connected somehow. Niall mentioned her and so did Harry there has to be something.

But Harry was right, it really isn't any of my buisness.

I heard Niall coming through the front door, I quickly stood up from the couch my heart pounding. The cold air stinging my eyes. My stomach got all jittery at the thought of seeing him.

He walked into the patio outside wearing sweats and a white V-neck. He had on a red snapback, his blonde hair poking out the front. His blue eyes teary from the cold wind blowing. Oh lord, he looked amazing.

"Hey" he smiled, walking towards me.

He looked down at his shoes and back up at me, the look in his eyes looked almost like he was apologetic. Guilty even.

"Look, I'm sorr-"

I ran up to him and wrapped my arms around his neck pulling him close. I cluched his shirt tightly, letting my tears pool over my cheeks. I felt safe in his arms. Warm. I felt as if I could forgot about the world and everything else. I felt his arms embrace me, holding me tight against him.

I buried my face into his neck, letting my emotions take over.

"Wait Victoria, are you crying?"

He pulled away, cupping my face in his hands. He wiped away my tears with his thumbs. I looked up into his baby blue eyes and saw longing and desire.

For me.

"I'm sorry, I'm just. I don't know. I miss my mom. My dad. My best friend Anna. I don't understand why Harry is acting this way. I'm so confused I feel alone." I whispered in a scratchy, shaky voice/

He pulled me against him, stroking my hair and kissing the top of my head.

"Shhhhh it's okay. I'm here. I'm here for you"

It was so windy and cold outside that I snuggled closer. He was so warm and soft. Just perfect. He smelled so good, like fresh laundry.

I pulled away, my hands resting on his chest. He wiped away my tears with his fingers, his face so close to mine.

He slowly inched closer and pressed his lips against my forehead. They were warm and smooth. He pulled me tighter against him, his arm around my waist and his other hand on my neck.

I felt so blissful, my heart hammering in my chest desperate to break free. Niall was all I could think off.

His eyes.

His hair.

His laugh.

His smile.

and all his little things.

I loved every single one

I wanted Niall.

I needed him.

So what do you guys think?

Do you guys Ship Victoria and Harry or Victoria and Niall? (:

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Keep reading, love you all!! <3-Laraib & Safa :)
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