Fateful Turn

Who would have have thought Harry Styles would walk into her life as a miracle she's always been praying for? No one. Not even 17 year old Victoria herself. Her life has been changed in ways she could have never imaged, it was destiny. Fate. A fateful turn.

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2. There's still a little bit of your taste on my lips

I start racing downhill as the the drizzling specks of rain came on me. Not what to do I ran as fast as I could, past Anna and James. Not once looking behind me.

Then I go blank and at the bottom of the hill I just stop.

I think to myself what I just did. I just broke up with Chance, the most difficult thing I have ever completed in my life. I smirk to myself feeling accomplished.

Just then I hear my name being shouted.

" Tori! Tori! VICTORIA! Are you crazy? You just keep running and ignore your best friend?!"

I turn around to see Anna. She must have came running down after she heard Chance and I.

"Oh I'm sorry... I just needed to be alone Anna" She noticed my tensed expressions and offered me a jacket. Shivering, I took it right away.

"It's ok Tori. It's all gonna be fine. You did what you needed to. You might feel as if everyhing's happening in a rush right now but things will slow down. It takes time" with that Anna crashed onto Tori her a bear hug.

Stepping away from the longest hug possible on a cold street with rain drizzling down I pulled myself together. By then James had came down the street in his car.

"It's been a long cold morning let's get you home" James reversed the car and passed Chance's house.

I saw him sitting there. With the door open. On the steps. A part of me felt guilty watching his innocent face sad but then a part of me wanted to ignore that face, that part warned me not to fall for him. I don't know which part I side on more but I needed to get my mind off everything,

"Tori are you thinking about it again?" Anna yelled

"Uhm no actually I was thinking of something to keep my mind off everything for a while."

"Omg! Actually there is that Halloween party tomorrow! A lot of my friends are going to be there! What else could you do to put your mind off on something?!" Anna said all in once in her cheerful voice.

"Uhm that's a bit too ear-"

"NO ifs or buts or anything else missy! That's it we are so going tomorrow to the Halloween Party!"

"Don't pressure her babe if she doesn't wanna go" James butted in.

"James this is girl talk shhh!" Anna sure did know how to be sassy.

That evening Anna took me to the mall to shop for a costume. We found her outfit just as we entered the store. It caught her eye so well she paid so much for it. So Anna was going to be Tinker Bell. Now I had to choose an outfit and I just couldn't find one that was good for my simplicity.

"Ugggh I give up Anna! This is so exhausting!" I said stepping out of Forever 21.

"Here's a great idea! How about you get that Cinderella costume? Who know's you find your 'prince charming' with the right shoe in the party? Ahaha!" Anna said sarcastically pulling a joke.

"No but in all seriousness how about that costume of a pirate right there? OR OMG ACTUALLY DISNEY'S LITTLE MERMAID?! No no no holddddd up girl, look at that cat woman outfit! It's hot and plus the fact you love cats!"

Anna was way more excited for this Halloween party than probably any kid getting their favorite candy at every house. Disagreeing with Anna meant having World War III and that isn't a good thing at all. So I agreed with the cat woman costume. Originally, Anna picked out a rather revealing cat woman costume but I didn't want to send the wrong message so I got a much better one.

"Anna lets go home already and have bonding time?"

"Girl you snatched the words right out of my mouth! Hell yes!" Anna exclaimed.

After around 1 at night we went to our room and fell on the beds and started snoring away. Oh what a full on tiring day.


"Wake up it's almost 12 o'clock Anna!"

"Leave me alone" Anna grunted "The party isn't till 6..PM !"

"Anna! ITS 12 O'CLOCK FOR GODS SAKE THAT IS LATE?! You had more than SEVEN hours of sleep!"

"Geeez Tori you're on fire today!" Anna said getting up from beneath the covers.

" You know how I am, always want everything to be on time and perfect" I hesitated.

"Its cool girl but anyways what's for breakfast? Uhm or should I say brunch?" Anna asked nervously.

"Welllll I just had tea and a biscuit. I'll go get some tea from Starbucks for you, just go shower kay?"

"Oh sure I'm going let's see who gets done fast!"

With that Anna dashed down the hall to the bathroom, unlike me who was only looking for the keys.

Just as I get into my car, I'm surrounded with Chance's jacket's smell which is lying in the back seat. I don't know what to do. My heart beat gets faster. I don't want to meet him again, at least for a while.

Should I go and give it?

Or should I give it another time.

I don't know.

I just blast BBC Radio 1 on to sing along with Taylor Swift's new song- We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. Ahhh great, something that matches my situation.

I park my car. All the memories rush to me. It once had all started with Starbucks.

I get in to find not much of a line. There's only a couple customers, hopefully I can make it in before Anna's long shower.

While I fix my messy hair I drop my car keys and I lean in to get it but before I grab someone beats me to it.

I get up to find a tall guy handing me my keys.

What a gentleman.

His hair was beautiful, curly big and dark brown and just perfect. His deep green eyes were so hypnotizing.

His lips start to move and I snap out of my slow motion moment.

"Oh here, you dropped these" He says slowly and smirks revealing his dimples.

"Oh no its okay I tend to drop things a lot, thank you" I smiled, the words nervously escaping my lips.

He smiles then turns around as his name was called for his order.

I snap out of my moment and pick up my order and rush out. I needed to beat Anna to it.

Sometimes I think how childish I am with Anna.

Anna has been my best friend since I met her in freshmen year. High school was expected to be the worst four years of my life, not until I met Anna.

Anna was a very open person.

Her being a cheerleader, I never thought I'd even hangout with her. We met in art being the only freshmen in class we grew closer and stated doing projects in class together.

That summer we met up properly and actually had a sleepover and went so crazy. Being the single ladies we were, we went to London together and spent a couple days there and had one of the best days of our lives. During sophomore year I still remember how she started crushing on a new kid and she couldn't get the nerves hook up with him.

Finally when we graduated from Tongs High School we went to uni together and decided to move in together.

Just last year on New Year's Eve Anna met James and they instantly connected.

And then there was Chance.

I met him a while ago. Couple months before Anna and James got together.

Everyone knew him as the player around the university.

Like every girl he flirted with me and yes I fell for him.

What wasn't in him to fall for?

The big brown eyes. The long dark brown quiff. The lush lips. His jawline. His height. And simply him.


"Ma'am PLEASE DRIVE THE SIGNAL IS GREEN!" a man said angrily honking his horn.

I looked ahead and the signal was green, indeed.

On my way home, I can't help but feeling the butterflies in my stomach.

I stepped my foot on the race and parked into the garage.

I ran to the door to see Anna in her towel racing towards me.

"HA HA HA! Look who's the loser now!!" She said being bratty.

"Are you talking to me? I think you meant her, over there" I said taking her to the mirror and pointing towards Anna's reflection. I slowly started to take a couple steps back not knowing what Anna's reaction would be.

"Oh my God. Victoria you are so dead!" She races to me and attacks with a pillow.

After the pillow fight its about 4 so we start to run around the messy place and get ready.

I didn't really want to go, not sure if I'm ready to meet anyone yet. All I wanted to do was be alone, just me and my thoughts.

But with Anna around, it was impossible. Maybe tonight won't be so bad. It may be just what I need, to start fresh and new. Without Chance.

I get this feeling of something bad happening tonight. But I ignore it, ignore the way it made my heart race and palms sweaty. It's going to be okay, I'll have fun tonight. I know I will.

And maybe, that's where I went wrong.


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