Fateful Turn

Who would have have thought Harry Styles would walk into her life as a miracle she's always been praying for? No one. Not even 17 year old Victoria herself. Her life has been changed in ways she could have never imaged, it was destiny. Fate. A fateful turn.

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12. The only love I know

My ankle hurt, my head was spinning and I am in no state what so ever to be thinking clearly. Even if I attempted to my mind goes back to the kiss. I don't even know how I feel about it. But that kiss just made my head spin.

Oh god.

I wanted so badly to be in his arms, for him to hold me so tightly as if he were afraid to let me go. I needed to hear the sound of his voice, the sense of him just being in the same room as me gave me a peaceful sensation a feeling of being complete.

It was still raining badly out when Ginny wrapped my ankle up, I dont even know where than darn nurse is or if Harry even brought one down. I was told to rest, so I have no choice but to do so.


But all I want is to speak with Harry. I wanna know why he's so afraid of showing his emotions? Why is he like this too me? Why is he making it hard on me and him? why is he so to himself?


With all my strength, I carefully stepped out of my bed. Wincing as a jolt of pain shot up as my foot landed on the grond. The pain wasn't too bad. I could walk over to his room and it wasn't that far. The house was pretty dark except for some lights that were on.

I knocked on his door, waiting for his reply.

"Harry?" I called. No answer. I waited for a couple of minutes for him to say something, anything at all.

But nothing.

"I'm guessing you're not Harry"

I whipped around so fast I lost my balance and he caught my arms before I completely fell over. His hands were warm over my long sleeve t-shirt. His face was so angular and flawless, perfectly chiseled cheekbones and brown eyes that made my knees weak.

"Wh-who are you?" I asked. He smirked at me, he came close to me. I felt his hot breath on my cheek as he spoke, my body shivered all over.

"I think I could ask you the same question aha?" he said helping me gain balance to get up on my own.

Right then the door opened behind me, I felt Harry's eyes on my back

"Zayn?" Harry asked, sounding very much surprised. Zayn walked over, his arm brushing mine gently, and gave Harry the biggest hug a man could give to another.

"Hey man, long time no see!"

I looked over at them. Harry looked so happy, I guess it must have been forever since they've seen eachother. It was nice seeing Harry like this, all happy and smiling like nothing bad ever happened to him. It was something I could never give him, which I so desperately wanted to. At least would try too.

Zayn looked over at me and smiled. His smile was so friendly even though we were complete strangers it felt as if we connect right on.

"And who's this mate?" he asked looking back at Harry. And as soon as I was mentioned that smile and happiness on his face was wiped clean. He looked down at his hands before answering.

"Erm. She just, ah, someone I'm helping out"

That's all. That's all I was too him? A freaking show case to keep clean and assemble. That's it?

"Ah well, you've always been the helper. Where's niall? "

I perked up at the mention of Nianlls name. I wanted to see him so bad. I feel as if I haven't seen him in forever when I knew that definitely wasn't the case. I wonder if I should tell him about what happened between me and Harry.

Should I?

"I'll call him" Harry said, "But hey how long you here for ?"

Zayn smiled at his friend and gave a little laugh.

"Oh just tonight. Perrie and I are heading home to Bradford. Thought Id stop by and say hello to you and Niall"

Perrie? Must be his girlfriend or something. She must be just as gorgeous as he is. Or is that even possible? Most likely.

Not wanting to interrupt the renuion I tried walking back to my room. Hot flash of pain fired up my leg. I let out a painful moan hoping no one heard me.

"Hey you let me call niall. Go help her Harry" Zayn said. I heard harry protest but came nonetheless. As I heard his each footstep my heart hammered against my chest. He walked up close, looking down at me he put an arm around my waist and the other he held my hand.

I leaned into him, putting all my weight in my good leg. I kept looking up at him as he walked me to my room. He smelled like fresh laundry and mint. I wanted this to last forever, never wanting this to end. But ofcourse it had too.

He opened the door to my room and led me inside. Pushing back the covers I sat down on my bed. Laying my head on the pillow he placed the covers over my body and switched the lamp off. I grabbed his hand before he left.

"Please stay" I whispered. My heart was beating so fast I could almost hear it. My breath slowed as I waited for him to give his answer. What if he decides not to stay? What if he just leaves?

What will I do?


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